Saturday, October 20, 2007


"Real luxury is time and opportunity to read for pleasure." Jane brody

Today was the kind of day one has to have every now and then. A stay-in-bed-and-read-all-day day. It's been a long time since I've read a thriller that really captured my attention. Usually I read a page or two, fall asleep then wake up to turn the light out when the book falls out of my hands and makes a thump on the floor when it lands. The Poet, by Michael Connley kept me reading til the toothpicks fell out of my eyelids.

I just could't make myself come fully awake this morning. Mainly because I slept late this morning, mainly because I was up so late reading last night. Also . I'd peek every now and then at the clock or the cat, then roll over and go back to sleep. Once I heard the walker bump down the hallway, I knew I had to get moving. I drug myself out of bed, did what I had to do, then worked my back to the bedroom.

The cats were a little startled to see me back so soon. Neither was very excited about relinquishing the spot they'd already made warm and cozy. Being the human in the relationship, I climbed over the lazing felines, I snuggled under the covers and and picked up reading where I left off ... on the trail of a creepy, villianous killer.

I got up occasionally to fix another meal or two, but mostly I turned the pages and kept reading. Talk about luxury!

Just as I was nodding off my sister popped in to ask if I wanted to go on an adventure with her. An adventure was about the only thing for which I'd put the book. I was beginning to think there might be two killers! Yikes!

Jean's adventure turned out to be a drive to the Northside of town. Her car that was stolen a few months ago had just found deep in the piney woods. Her excitement was palpable. Watching her react to finding so many of the things she'd thought were lost for good was just plain fun. It was worth the ride. Once she began doing the Christian version of the Happy Dance - jumping up and down, singing "Praise-Jee-zuz!" and "Thank you God!" then jumping up and down some more - Jimmie, of Jimmie's wrecker service, his wife and I just stood back and watched. I've got to admit, her enthusiasm was kind of catching. Poor Jimmy had probably never had anyone in his impound yard who was so excited about seeing a car that had been stuck up to its sidewalls in bugs and muck. I'm pretty sure, though, I saw Jimmie's wife say send up her own prayer of thanksgiving when Jean discovered the Bible under the seat. The cover was wet and messy, but blessedly the insides were still in tact. Alls well that ends well.

After we got home I made dinner, eeking out enough time to read a few more chapters. I could count the number of pages left, but couldn't figure out how the story was going to end. But end it did, leaving me uncertain if the killer, like Hannibal Lector, is still out there in mysteryland waiting to be recreated.

It's been a good day. I feel totally decadent, a little bit sleepy and a little bit jazzed up. I think it's time to shut off the computer and push the cats off my side of the bed. Unless I want to dream about murder and mahem, I may just have to peruse a few of the catalogs piled up on the cocktail table.

Here's wishing you a good book to read and lots of free time for reading,
Merry ME

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