Monday, November 19, 2012

Every Little Bit Helps

UPDATE:  I'll be picking a winner on Thanksgiving Day. So make a donation and leave your name in the comment section below. 

I see a tiny problem but it should be easy to fix. Commenting anonymously doesn't get your name in the drawing. And there's no way to tell Anonymous A from Anonymous B. Are you different or the same? I need to be able to get back in touch with you somehow. We can exchange email addy's later. But please at least leave your name. If you still comment as Anonymous, just say your name in the comment.  You can use first name and last initial. Or last name alone. Or an Alias. Just so I can get your name in the hat.

And really, thank you. Thank you again and again.
Merry ME


I always breathe a sigh of relief when a storm veers away from Jacksonville.  At the same time it's hard not to feel guilty that it went somewhere else.  I was in no way prepared for Hurricane Sandy. Like a lot of others, I felt like the meteorologists were crying "wolf" concerning Sandy.  They've been known to exaggerate. They've been known to be wrong. In the case of Sandy, they were right on.

While people who have lost everything stand in mile long lines for a few gallons of gas, I sit in Florida where the sun shines and it's a balmy 70 something degrees. I look at the pictures and still can't fathom what the destruction looks like. Or how it must feel to stand by a pile of mud-soaked rubble that once was your home. Like thousands of others I say a prayer then write a check to the Red Cross. It is not much but it's something.

A few posts back I wrote about Malala. The girl from Pakistan who was shot by the Taliban for going to school. I was going to auction off a quilt to raise money for an organization whose mission is to help women and girls in forbidden school zones.  Then Sandy blew into town and everything changed. Literally.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm auctioning off this quilt:


It measures about 83 x 83" inches.  I pieced the top and it was machine quilted by Joyce Snyder. No Asian children were forced to work for pennies.  It is American made of made of 100% cotton with cotton batting. It is machine washable and cat approved.

Since I'm not the least bit computer savvy and have an ongoing feud with PayPal I'm going to use the honor system.  All you have to do is make a donation to the charity of your choice for Hurricane Relief. The Red Cross. Salvation Army. Episcopal Relief and Development. Someplace where you donations, like butterfly wings, will send ripples of help to people in Haiti, Cuba, the Bahamas, New Jersey, New York or any other storm-ravaged place. I think if you make an online donation you'll get a confirmation number. Just leave a comment here on my blog and reference that number. While I'd like to know how much money is raised, just for curiosity's sake, you don't need to share what you give with me. Just that you gave from your heart. On Thanksgiving Day, I'll put all the commenter names in a hat and draw one out. That person will get the quilt.

I think "the more the merrier" applies here, don't you? You can share this blog with your friends and family and on Facebook. I hope that doesn't mean I'm opening my computer up to the cyber world's version of Swine Flu.  Live and learn I say.

So how about it? Are you in?

Praying for victims,
Merry ME

P.S. I'm working with the Afghan Women's Writing Project on another quilt auction. I haven't forgotten Malala.


wholly jeanne said...

What a fine, generous, caring thing to do . . . and I'm not one bit surprised that you're doing it. I'll surely be making a donation and entering my name in the hat. It's beautiful, Merry - the quilt, the colors, the thought, the project.

AkasaWolfSong said...

I'm in Mary...and I agree with's a beautiful quilt and a beautiful idea as I know the beautiful heart it's coming from!

Dan McGaffin said...

Hi Merry! What a great idea. I've seen you around Terri's from time to time and I finally found you! I'm in too!

Pamela Jones said...

Great idea, mar...making a donation and putting my name in your hat!

Linda Mixter said...

I'm in!!! What a generous spirit you have and wonderful talent as well!

terri said...

mar! i commented and left my receipt number from my donation....but i don't see it here? i donated to heart to heart international and now i can't find the receipt....i feel like i'm in the twilight zone. did you get it??? i'll go dig around soe more and see if i can find it.......

Merry ME said...

Hey Ter, Not sure what's up with that.
Thank you. You're in!

Anonymous said...

I donated to Catholic Relief Services, but I don't have a receipt #. Do you want me to send a copy of the check? What a great idea and a generous heart you have.

Denise Pino-Elliott

Merry ME said...

Thanks Denise. You're good.

Anonymous said...

May God bless you and your heart. Thank you for doing this!

Molly said...

Not sure how I missed this post since you are in my feed reader, but this quilt is beautiful! i'll be back with news of a donation.

Greenwoman said...

It's very beautiful!! And what a warm hearted generosity. Blessings in your endeavor!!

terri said...

i found my number!!! hoppin' up and down with my hand in the air!

----- GIFT #9229 -----

lol! i know i coulda made that up! but i didn't, mar! i promise!!!

Noah Urban said...

What a wonderful idea! I am truly impressed. Good on you, Mary! :)

Anonymous said...

I donated to Catholic Relief Services. I'm definitely IN!

nitebyrd said...

What a beautiful thing to do! Since animals have been stranded, lost, etc., too I donated to the ASPCA to help with the pets effected by Hurricane Sandy.

Hope that counts!

Trans. ID #7WR56835B47069440

(I've also shared your post with some friends!)

Paula said...

Wish I could make a donation. I did spread the word via twitter and facebook and will share on Pinterest too.