Tuesday, January 1, 2008


"I believe with all my heart that we shape our lives and we shape ourselves.
One's philosophy is not best expressed in words;
it is expressed in the choices one makes. "
Eleanor Roosevelt
Today is the first day of a new year. Already the world has been blessed with new life, as it has been diminished by the destructive side of human nature. The good news is this - we still have the power of choice. We can look towards the light, or we can choose the darkness. We can reach out in love or we can choose to remain cold and isolated. As with any rose, we can choose to see the beauty and embrace it, or we can complain about the thorns. Life is all about choice.

Believing as she does that "conscious choices make for conscious living," Sandra Magsamen wrote this New Year's afffirmation in the January issue of her studio newsletter, Living Artfully (http://www.sandramagsamen.com/. It is a little too early in the day - and the year - to come up with anything better so I include it in my blog as a reminder of the role choice plays in my(our) life(s). As Sandra suggests, use it for yourself- add to it, change it or rearrange it to declare your choices for your life.
I choose to be passionate and curious about life.
I choose to be happy, to laugh and to play.
I choose to be inspired by nature.
I choose to be imaginative, inventive and inquisitive.
I choose to be kind, thoughtful and compassionate.
I choose peace over fear
I choose to love with all of my heart.

Here are a few of my own:

I choose to think "la la" in the face of negative remarks.
I choose to pray more, complain less.
I choose to keep my mouth shut and not offer unsolicited comments.

Feel free to add your own.

Happy New Year. Happy Choosing.

Merry ME

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lil mouse said...

I choose to learn. I choose to assimilate. I choose to express. (Learning is listening,assimilation
is hearing/understanding, and expression is directed action.) I choose to participate fully in the experience of each day. I choose tears of joy over sobs of sorrow. I choose to celebrate life; as it begins, and as it ends. I choose to facilitate understanding. I choose to be an instrument of peace. I choose to be open to choice. I choose to be my natural self. I choose to extend a helping hand. I choose belly laughs. I choose to lie in the grass and dream. I choose to listen to my lovers breathing, hear her heart beat, and revel in the joy of it all. I choose to follow through. I choose to live into the vision entrusted to me by my GOD.