Sunday, May 4, 2008

X is for eXtra

"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra."
Jimmy Johnson (American football coach and broadcaster)

I've been wracking my brain for "x" words and not having much luck. Oh sure, there is the obvious "x"ylophone, followed closely by the somewhat familiar "X"erox, and "X"erxes. These are perfectly good words, I just don't have much to say about them.

For some people "a little dab will do ya." For me, however, in most cases I usually want a little eXtra. Such as:

an eXtra scoop of ice cream
an eXtra 10% off
an eXtra hour's sleep
an eXtra long, hot shower
eXtra lights on the Christmas tree
eXtra ice in my tea
eXtra quilts on my bed
someone who goes the eXtra mile
an eXtra long walk on the beach
eXtra scary mysteries when I'm not alone
an eXtra encore
eXtra fragrant purple roses
eXtra thin spaghetti
eXtra chocolaty brownies
eXtra room in an airplane seat
eXtra room in the waistband of my jeans
my eXtra sweet sweetie
Sharpie pens with an eXtra fine point (in my opinion the all time best writing utensil)
an eXtra juicy orange
eXtra sweet watermelon
eXtra cheesy macaroni
eXtra crispy bacon
an eXtra tender ribeye steak
eXtra pudgy baby thighs
eXtra green fir trees
eXtra yellow sunflowers
an eXtra bit of vanilla when baking
an eXtra little bit, but not too much, cut off my bangs
an eXtra short queue in the ladies room
eXtra soft tissues
eXtra long kisses
eXtra huggy hugs
eXtra nuts on my sundae
eXtra fast race horses
eXtra romantic stories
eXtra happy happy songs
eXtra money in my checkbook


An eXtra cute baby pig

an extra large pumpkin!

Wishing for you all the eXtras you desire,
Merry ME

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