Monday, April 23, 2012

Book Review

Sometimes I like to jump on the social bandwagon and sometimes I like to blaze my own trail. Of course, the trail I blaze is seldom seen by others cause I don't like to call attention to it. Like getting a tattoo. I had my a small teesy weensy tattoo inked on my thigh, where no one can even see it except maybe my husband or gynecologist, before tattoo parlors appeared on every street corner and muffin tops were uncovered to show off flowers, or Disney characters or Chinese hieroglyphics.

Today I'm announcing that I sit squarely in the middle of the (band)wagon train that is celebrating the publication of Jenny Lawson's (aka the Bloggess) book, Let's Pretend This Never Happened. When my pre-ordered book arrived in Saturday's mail I almost tinkled with excitement. (Okay this is not necessarily a good description cause really, just about anything - good or bad, like when I jumped out of the chair to swat the retching cat off the new couch - can cause me to unexpectedly tinkle). I've heard about the book for months, but nothing prepared me for actually holding it in my hands. I don't know why, but it's not just another book to me. It is a woman's lifeblood, tears, joys, and life put down in words and shared with the world. I stand in awe of Jenny's success. It's a concrete example of what can happen when a writer tells his/her story. It's a dream that I dream, but lack the self discipline and self-esteem to think I could ever achieve.

I started reading The Bloggess blog after the metal chicken story went around the world. I was hooked from the start. There are times I cringe a little at the language. Not that I'm a prude, or haven't said the F word or V word in public. I just think it is often not needed to make a point, and sometimes it's overdone. But that's just me. I skip over the words I don't like. One of the things I like about Jenny is the way she shares her very real, very quirky, very honest truths. She appears to have learned how to accept then deal with her anxiety disorder and depression. I relate to that on a very personal level. There was a time in my life when depression ruled me, not the other way around. Now I talk about it without shame and sometimes even make jokes about it. Not in a mean way, but one that lets me be the boss of it. One that says there is light after the dark.

Last week I had no books on my bedside table. Today I have 4. Three of them are due back to the library on a given day. I can't decide whether to dive right into Jenny's memoir or put it in it's right place in the queue. I think it's going to be one of those books that when you read the last page, you want to start reading it all over again.

So here's to Jenny Lawson. Bravo!
And here's to dreaming impossible dreams, writing funny stories, sharing your truth and knowing deep down inside, even if it's only for a minute or two, that hope trumps fear.

If you need something funny to read, go grab a copy of Let's Pretend This Never Happened.
Merry ME

P.S. I'm only one of a kazillion Bloggess fans. This is an unsolicited review of a book I haven't even read yet, so you might want to throw some salt on it.

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Anonymous said...

I cannot help but wonder "What is at stake" when I read repeatedly what you - Mary - cannot do, or are not good at,or lack self esteem to do, or lack discipline for. I cannot help but wonder "What you so tenaciously are holding onto" when you hear but donot listen to or abide by comments of praise - you are a good writer - what you wrote really touched me - I so related to your story - I cried happy tears to know you understand - I look forward to everything you write.
Yes, in your life time you have had detractors silence you with criticizm. Now the only place those voices play are in your mind. Is it not time to tune them out? Erase the tape. Listen to the new voices that recognize you for who you are now. You Can - You Will - You Are - all you are being told and more. Get off the (pity) pot and sit comfortably on your personal Throne of Achievement.