Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Just Maybe

I'm not a very politically minded person.

Personally I think everyone in Washington should be sent home and learn to live in the real world of their constituents. Maybe if they spent longer than a 5 second photo op in soup lines, homeless shelters, day care centers, hospital waiting rooms, cancer clinics, VA hospitals, Rape Crisis centers, Abortion clinics, Suicide prevention hot lines, junior high school cafeterias, churches and synagogues, discount grocery stores, American factories, farms and foreclosed on/ blighted neighborhoods instead of their bureaucratic ivory towers the only thing that matters in this country would be change. Change for the better. Not Republican change or Democrat change, red or blue state change. Change that would re-kindle the American can-do-spirit for longer than Gabby Douglas' balance beam routine. Maybe if insurance and pharmaceutical executives stayed home and tried to care for their moms and dads by walking the labyrinth of regulations like Joe Plumber or Mary Mom do every day, they'd have new ideas about how to manage health care.  Maybe if wealthy moms and poor dads, and innovative teachers and creative volunteers could meet on grammar school playgrounds and learned how to "play well with others" our schools could become places of learning again, and kids could dwell in the possibility of future dreams and desires. Maybe. Maybe. Maybe.

Like cream rising to the top, I believe caring qualified leaders not afraid to tackle hard problems would find a way to fix some of the problems we have in this country.  All that said, I don't consider myself political. I don't work at polling stations. I don't carry placards. I don't make irritating phone calls that interrupt dinner time conversations. I turn off nasty, mean spirited political ads by finger pointing truth twisters.  Instead I rage in the confines of my own home against stupid, S.T.U.P.I.D. blunderbusses like Todd Akin and MGen David Pittard.

But there are others who are not afraid to get involved. To speak out. To be honest and forthcoming. If you follow my friend, Terri St. Cloud's blog, you've probably already been to the links she listed. For no other reason, except I bow down in honor to their bravery, I also link you to their blogs. Won't you take a minute to read them. Maybe you'll be spurred on to get political. Or maybe,  you'll just kneel down and say a prayer for these ladies and for our country.

Carry It Forward


Remembering Ryan 

I may not be very politically minded, but I sure do  know how to work up a good rant.
Merry ME

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big smile here, ms. merry me!
thank you for spreading both of these.....