Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Bad Dreams & Memories

Old boyfriends.
Not enough money.
Rearranging the house.
No plants in the backyard.
Sister Jo.
High school.

All mixed up together in one creepy dream.

Today feels like one of those summer days I spent as a child at Grammy's camp, when the skies were gray, and rain drizzled through the trees, steamy mist hovering over the lake. There were only two things to do while waiting for the rain to stop. Both took place on the screened in porch with it's view of the lake. I could sit at the card table and attempt to beat Grammy at Scrabble (a fruitless endeavor even for adults - a kid had no chance and Grammy gave no breaks for age, lack of vocabulary, or crappy letter choice) or lay on the cot behind the curtain with a book, too good to put down, except when my eyes closed and the book fell to my chest. I'd doze for awhile, then wake up, check the weather, and start reading again.

Today, I'm noticing how much I miss being a child on vacation, when the grown ups were in charge of everything and all I had to do was wait for the rain to stop.

Merry ME


Anonymous said...

Mary, this could have been written by me! So many rainy, misty summer days I spent with my mom, your Grammy, doing just that: Scrabble on the screened-in porch, crossword puzzzles, and especially reading an incredible, non-able-to-put-down book, behind the curtained off beds on the porch!! I think of those days so often (and especially now during our AZ heatwave estraorinaire! Love, Lett

Mary Rafferty said...

It IS nice to have no responsibilities.
Then again, you are the boss of you, so I'd say if you played hooky, you wouldn't get grounded:)