Thursday, August 22, 2013

Things I've Noticed Lately

The other day while floating in the pool I noticed how the raindrops collected on Sweetie's gigantic elephant ears and looked like diamonds. It made me think I haven't posted many "noticings" lately. Probably because I have been scattered all about and not really paying attention. Here a few things that I couldn't NOT notice.

  1. The sweet, tight curls haloing Gracie's head
  2. The effortless way Caroline can reach her toe to her mouth.
  3. The aches and pains playing hopscotch across my body.
  4. How an afternoon storm filled my senses - the tension in the air, black storm clouds, the smell of rain, the crack of lightening 
  5. Suzi's deep brown eyes telling me the story of her upset stomach
  6. Bella commando scooting across the room to me, just after her mom said she'd probably skip crawling and go right to walking.
  7. The way Bella and I smiled at each other when she reached my knee.
  8. Having a purpose again
  9. A small Christmas bear, dressed in red velvet sitting on the ledge of the parking garage as if waiting for its owner to come back and claim it.
  10. The sound of a kazillion birds fighting for a place to sleep in the only tree left by the parking garage, then, after my eyes adjusted to the dark, seeing them.
  11. The amount of energy a 3 year old boy possesses could probably send a rocket to the moon.
  12. A really, really weird looking caterpillar crawling up McDonalds's drive thru counter. 
  13. How fragile a sick baby looks lying in hospital crib,  with an i.v stuck in her tiny hand and connected to monitors
  14. Feeling free body and soul while skinny dipping with my Sweetie
  15. That I do laundry start to finish for other people when I'm at work, but when I'm home, the clothes often spend the night in the dryer getting so wrinkled they have to take a few more spins.
  16. When I write emails to people I am witty and wordy. A couple people commented this week that humor is my forte. Why then can't I a) break thru my writer's block and b) if I do write something can't make it funny. 
  17. Elmore Leonard died this week. I read his 10 Rules for Writing and discovered I break the majority of them. I'm perfectly happy to use adverbs and I often find that using exclamation points makes me happy.
  18. Subway's Green iced tea, quinoa, smoothies made with kale and almond milk, and strange sounding Indian beans don't taste nearly as awful as I expected.  In fact, the green tea was sweet, as in very good, not sugary.
  19. When I'm sewing quilt squares, they turn out wonky even though I measure carefully and use a ruler.
  20. It's taken me a week to finish this post. 
What have you noticed lately?
Merry Me

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Jody said...

You are very observant, dear M.

I have noticed lately that my cat is losing the fur on her ears, and that she is slowing down with age. It makes me sad.

I have noticed lately that I enjoy movies without gore or special effects.

I have noticed lately that there is always something more to learn, that even if I have the electric company remove the smart meter from the side of my house, that all the other houses in the neighborhood 'talk' to each-other because they have smart meters, and i am still exposed to E.M.F.'s and radio frequencies that are not healthy for humans bodies.