Monday, August 5, 2013

Sunshine Award

Last week my Cohort in Cahoots, Illuminary, shared a blog award with me.

Just knowing there is a Sunshine Award, and seeing the names of other bloggers who have received it, makes me feel sunnier than I might normally be.

I'll be honest, sometimes I forget to be sunny. When it's just Sweetie and me in the house, I look at him while he's reading a book. He usually has a furrowed brow, lips turned down, intense look on his face.

M: "What? What's the matter?"
S: "Nothing's the matter. Why do you ask?"
M: "You look kind of upset, mad, grumpy, like something's bothering you."
S: " No, nothing's bothering me. This is my normal look."
M: " Okay. Just checking."

I think maybe my normal look is a few notches below Sunny. [Note to self: add being sunny to my "Change Things Now" List. See post below]

All that aside, I'm honored to be on the list with some of my favorite people who, even though I've never been in their actual presence, imagine them to be like those rays coming out of a child's drawing of a sun. I'm grateful, too. The problem is most of the other bloggers I know have already been tagged. Not that doesn't mean they don't deserve a double award, but it's kind of like a dog going around in circles chasing his own tail. Part of getting the award is naming 10 heretofore unmentioned things about myself. In the years I've been writing this blog, I think I've pretty much covered most of what you might want to know. And the things you wouldn't want to know are better left unsaid.

Clearly,  to accept this award, I'm going to have to break the rules.  If you didn't know this about me, but I think you did, I hate to break the rules. My daughter Weneki is a chip of my non-rule breaking block. For example, when at a restaurant, say Denny's, and the sign at the hostess desk says, "Please wait to be seated" but people walk right past us to find their own seat as we stand there waiting for said hostess, who is nowhere in sight, Weneki and I will wait rather than follow the crowd.  Steam might be coming from my ears, because sometimes, I admit, I'm not a patient waiter, but we wait anyway. We look at the menu, imagine being able to use that claw contraption to actually grab a stuffed Pink Panther wearing an inflatable swim ring, and give the stink eye to the non-waiters who pass by us,  as well as the wait staff who ignore us altogether instead of than politely tell us we can take a seat without waiting. Ignoring us is in their best interest. If they did speak to us, we'd probably be so relieved that we woule seat ourselves in their already overcrowded section, then we'd be unhappy about how long we had to wait to get cold eggs. It's better to let us fume at the non-existent hostess, than risk a less than stellar tip. Little do they know Weneki and I are good tippers even when we have to wait.

All that said, I'm going to say thank you, Illuminary, for thinking of me and let the rest go.  However, I would like to dedicate this Award to my non-blogging niece, Sunny D. She's working real hard to make the sun shine in her little corner of the world and I want her to know I'm proud of her.

 Thank you fellow sunny people whose light I share and hopefully reflect.

Merry ME


Anonymous said...

Thank you Merry Me! What an honor. You brought tears of joy to me, along with a bright shining smile!

You are certainly deserving of the award, also. I am glad you were awarded :)

And we can use our imagination and call me a blogger in the works... which would mean you only partially broke the rules!!

Love you!

Sunny D

Anonymous said...

My cousin, Sunny D, is so cute!! Totally enjoyed today's post.

Rules are not made to be broken!

Anonymous said...

The sunshine of your smile is all the world needs !
so glad to see you shining!

AkasaWolfSong said...

You are a bright and shining sunshine star in my life Miss Merry ME...guess I'll have to get with it on my own, lol.

Happy Late Summer Darlin'est! :)