Monday, December 2, 2013

Christmas Decorations

Johnson and I walk around the block every night with two of the slowest, nosiest, untrained walking dogs on the planet. Forget that the American Fox Hound just won top prize at a big dog show. Whatever fox hound DNA  Suzi has in her bloodline means only that she has to sniff every blade of grass she passes.

Christmas decorations are already up. Inflatable Santas and twinkling lights. I was kind of considering not putting up any decorations. The idea of bringing down all the boxes, then going through them, and taking them back upstairs, only to reverse the process in a few weeks makes me tired just thinking about it. Yesterday Sweetie and I came home from visiting some old people and lo and behold there was not one but two wreaths all lit up and hanging on the front of the house. And Johnson had brought down all the boxes. I never even got a chance to declare this a No Decoration holiday.

Johnson is an enigma to me. He swears like a sailor, has a shorter fuse than me, is very opinionated and has never met a job he cannot do better than anyone else. But on the other hand he is sweet as can be to babies and animals. He can strike up a conversation with anyone. And when it comes to Christmas, I can still see the little boy he once was. Try as I might I could never dissuade the rest of my family when it came to holiday decorating. The Ellington family creed when it came to Christmas was "Sooner not later. The bigger the better. When in doubt, add more." Don't get me wrong, I like Christmas decorations. I just wish I had a few elves around to do the work. Maybe if I lay low and wait it out, elves will appear just like the wreathes.

I think in my heart I don't want to be a grown up this Christmas. I yearn to be the little girl who has trouble falling asleep on Christmas Eve,  then wakes up aglow with anticipation of what Santa left under the tree. I didn't realize it til just now, how much I wish my mom and dad were here to make this Christmas like the ones of my childhood. Funny how missing my parents sneaks up on me.

Wishing for you a child's vision of Christmas,
Merry ME

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Molly said...

I have that sense of missing something or someone this season, too. Decorations seem a like so much work...I am hoping the inertia is dispelled by taking Gus & Cotton to get their photo made with Dr. Santa (vet). That trip is always good for a laugh :)