Monday, June 9, 2014

To Proof, or not to Proof

I know spellcheck makes a lot of mistakes.
Especially the one on my phone.
It drives me crazy trying to make words out of my shorthand.
Still I don't always proof my writing as well as I should before hitting send/publish.

For example, take the title of my last post.
"They Shoot Hores Don't They?"
I left out one little "s" and it totally changes things, don't you think?
My little sister pointed out the mistake.
I wonder did anyone else notice?
If so, is that what you thought I meant?

Then I was corresponding via e-mail with a dear friend.
I'm going to be too close to her neck of the woods to let the opportunity to meet her go by.
In the subject line I put, "How fare are you?"
Fare instead of far.

Not really a big deal, except I cringe every time I see the thread.

Shhh. Can you hear that?
Can you hear my father saying, "if you're going to do something, Mary, do it right"
Okay. Okay.
I'll start proofing my work mo better.

Merry ME

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