Wednesday, September 30, 2015


With the numbers of people expected to get ALZ or other forms of dementia rising rapidly, there's a lot of research going on to find newer, better medications. Today Sweetie and I went to the Jacksonville Center for Clinical Research to register for a drug trial. 8 pages of medical information and half an hour of questioning later, he was turned down. One of the criteria that is hard/impossible to get around, is cancer. The patient needs to be 5 years cancer-free. Unfortunately, Sweetie has had two spots of melanoma. The latest just 2 years ago, so his participation was declined. With lots of trials coming down the pike, it could be that he'll be considered at another time. Before we left we talked to a friend from church who works there. With a strong faith, Amy talked about God's perfect timing that guides her life. Interesting how that works.

Not much has changed since Sweetie's diagnosis in May.  His memory has not diminished to any noticeable degree. His mood is pretty stable. I say this even though he's been the "primary caregiver" of late, and we all know how stressful that can be. His crabbiness is in direct proportion to the crabbiness of the person he's caring for.  As my ankle continues to heal, and I begin to get around easier, I think my crabbiness is waning. Is crabbiness in the eye of the beholder?

There have been a few times we've asked ourselves what we were thinking when we said okay to a puppy. It's hard, though, not to be in the presence of Buddy and not smile. He's all puppy - running at top speed, terrorizing the cats, jumping on his sister's head, chasing balls and chewing on anything that is left in his line of vision. He's getting better about doing his "business" outside. As of yesterday he's moved into an "XL" crate. It's a pretty good bet he'll weigh in at 80-90 lbs when full grown. He starts school next Saturday.

Some of my favorite Buddy moments are in the early hours of the morning. Not my best time. I wake up just enough to hear Sweetie talking to Buddy. Between 5:30 and10 is boy time. They go outside together, eat breakfast, take naps, play and take more naps. I've noticed when Buddy is bored and wants to play he'll sit next to Sweetie's recliner and whine. "Play with me!" I can see that the bond is going to be comforting and reassuring in the years to come.

Monkey see. Monkey do.

Merry ME

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