Saturday, October 31, 2015

My Two Cents

Silence; though not absolute, surrounds me. As Buddy moves I hear his tags rattle on his collar. The fan makes a slight wind rushing noise as it cools my office. The sound of the keys as I strike them on the computer. The computer itself adds a slight hum sound as it works. I could/should mention the whirring, clacking pop and whistle of my brain as I work at this blog post. Oh those wonderful noises in my head.
Buddy has grown from a 5 pound puppy to just at 50 lbs. No longer a lap dog but he does still try. He is in training now for basic skills; sit stay, lay down. pay attention and so on. We are at week 4 of 8 and Buddy seems to like being in class. Of course he is the teachers pet/star of the class. We're working on leash training and his potty alerts. He is pretty good with that and hopefully it will be sooner than later that we con count on him 100% of the time to let us know he needs to go out.
Mary has recovered from her broken ankle enough to walk without the aid of a cane. She was so proud last night that she had walked around the block, then came back and walked buddy up to our local cemetery and back.
There are moments/days where I feel over whelmed by negative thoughts around living with Alzheimer's. For the most part I don't think about it and go about my day's worry free. Mary and I watched the Glen Campbell movie about his descent into forgetfulness, paranoia and restlessness. A very emotional experience for me. When I traveled a lot Glen Campbell was an artist who I sang with in the car. Lord-lord how we rocked out with each other. Now either I can't remember the words or hit the notes but I still love the songs.
There are a number of ways to stimulate the brain to retain function. Lumosity is one, a series of puzzles to wade through. And that's just what it feels like to me, wading through syrup. I don't enjoy them so I don't participate. Crosswords are a staple around here. A small table with a thick crossword book in the bathroom, is a joint project. Another book on the kitchen table that really is Mary's domain. She does picture puzzles on line. That gives me a headache. I've learned to love my e-reader and I read until 2:am every night. Thrillers and murder mysteries. Oh boy!
The birds chorus is laud and lively this morning. They are calling me to get outside, sit in my chair and just listen. My coffee has gone cold and I'm stretching to add more to this epistle. So, it's time to stop and go make more coffee.
Time wasted is time lost. Take/make the time to show a loved one just how much they mean to you. Write a note, give a call, share a hug, kiss or pat on the back. A kind word expressed to another works wonders for esteem, your and theirs. What we give comes back to us a thousand fold. jack.

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