Friday, January 29, 2010

Pretty In Pink ?????

"In any moment of decision
the best thing you can do is the right thing,
the next best thing is the wrong thing,
and the worst thing you can do is nothing."
Theodore Roosevelt

Dear Friends and Blog Followers,
I have decided I've been messing around with a new blog long enough. Since I do not have my own computer with my collection of photos and inspirational quotes I was getting nowhere with a design I liked. Thus I made a 2nd decision - to come back to the place I started and feel comfortable - with a few changes!
The first and most evident change is the color. It is pink isn't it? Pepto-Bismal pink! According to my friend Dani who knows about these things, pink is the color associated with unconditional love. Since I've been having some difficulty lately in the feeling lovable department, Dani suggested I surround myself in pink. Pink is not a color I would normally choose for myself but I decided to try it. I wore a pink sweater to church last week and was surprised at the number of comments I got on how pretty I looked. Pretty in pink, hmmmm.
This blog is where I come to open myself up, to be vulnerable. It makes sense, then, to have it be a place of unconditional love for the person who writes it and the people who read it. Stepping out my blue and green comfort zone I painted my blog pink.
Along with the color I added some verbiage to the sidebars. As is often the case I may have gotten a little long winded. That might have to do with the fact that I haven't been writing for a few weeks and given the chance I let the muse loose!
Now about my computer. It still lies in a coma awaiting for technical attention. Son of Sweetie seems to think he can bring it back to life with a new hard drive. However, my computer woes do not sit at the top of his priority list. I understand that and am working on perfecting the virtue of patience. I don't guess there is any way of knowing what caused the problem(s). I've come to the conclusion it makes very little difference. I stand at the proverbial crossroads, either we make the thing work or give it a proper burial. I'll be okay with whatever happens.
In the mean time I've been using my father's computer to check my email and others' blogs. It does not appear to be infected. Last night I came back to this blog and noticed several comments on my last two posts. My heart did the happy dance. I felt loved and missed. Right there and then I decided to give up working on a new blog and came home where I belong.
Thanks to all of you who have stayed with me and encouraged me to keep writing. I see now how important it is to my peace of mind to have a place I can run to and speak (or write as the case may be) my truth.
Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

Definately like the new /old pink you. It's soft and gentle without being too candyfied (Is there such a word? Well there is now!)
Welcome back where you belong.

pattie said...

Welcome back !!! Good to know who Poetry and Hums was!!! (or is!)

Molly said...

I like the two shades - the darker is a rose and the lighter is more of a conversation heart pink, I think. WELCOME BACK!

Constance said...

Dear Merry me,
I am so glad that you posted again/decided to stay.

Like house cleaning, the urge to change the look of one's blog seems to arise when you feel a new part of you clamoring for recognition.

The lady who did mine recently is wonderful - her name is Ragan from
and she has the best ideas and choices of ways to make your blog feel truly like you at your best:)

Pink is a good color - for the strength and consistency of love, as well as femininity and vulnerability.

In the very brief - and admittedly shallow - cyber exposure I have had to you, you seem VERY loveable to me, a warm, generous and intelligent woman.

Very few people feel loveable as the time. Usually it is when we are not loving or appreciative of ourselves, beating ourselves up.

May I most gently suggest that our eyes do not see you that way - and when the issue that is coming to the forefront that you are addressing has been recognized, all will be gentle with your heart again inside.

You are more patient than I about Son of Sweetie. I would have had to run out and buy a new computer by now, with some good spyware and anti-virus packages on it!

There is nothing better than a place where you can be YOU. Glad that you are here.

QnDani said...

I love the pink! Along with being symbolic of unconditional love, it is also the color of new beginnings, fresh starts and belief.

I'm glad you're back to blogging - I missed you!!


terri st. cloud said...

mary's home!!!!!
pink is fun!
i love it!

and i love you!

have TOTALLY missed you!
welcome home!