Saturday, January 2, 2010

Starting of the Year with a Bang

"Every child born in the world is a new thought of God,
an ever-fresh and radiant possibility.
Kate Douglas Wiggin

The 4th annual Guild of the Christ Child Baby Shower was held today and I must say I was pleasantly pleased with the way it turned out.

It's getting harder to spend time away from home for extended periods of time, so I don't feel like I've given this event the attention it deserved. I told Sweetie I felt like a slacker. There have been many days in the past month that I chose not to think about the things that needed to get done, rather than have the discussion about how long I'd be gone. Kind of twist on the head in the sand theory. The problem is the party day was rapidly approaching.

The time crunch called for me to go way out of my comfort zone and ask people for help. Plus, I didn't have much time to give them any direction, i.e. my way. All I could do was ask, "would you?" and left it at that.
OMG, you wouldn't believe how people came through. Two people were in the kitchen from 8am-2pm. The gift table was laden with baby items. The church was still decorated for Christmas so it looked beautiful. The service was perfect; two women priests on the altar was just what the event called for.

[Photo: Charlotte, holding (and wearing) some of her knitted chapeaus.]

One of the highlights for me was getting to meet a young girl (11) who has been knitting baby hats since last year. I'm not only impressed with her generous spirit, but with her knitting skills. The stylish hats she created far surpassed their utilitarian use.

Once again I am overwhelmed by the kindness and generosity of people. My humble idea has turned into something that has far-reaching affects. Knowing that the gifts we collected will go to the neediest of needy increases the blessings. I get all goose bumpy when I think of Native American babies living in hogans with no water or electricity being wrapped in a handmade blanket made by a woman who has been sewing for this cause since last January.

Sweetie and I had a conversation yesterday. He wants me to re-train myself so that I no longer decline every compliment that comes my way. Just say "thank you" is my new mantra! It's kind of a new concept for me - accepting that I am deserving of a compliment.

When I got home this afternoon, after being gone most of the day, I told Dad how wonderful everything was. "I'm proud of you," he said, instead of "you were gone long enough ...."
I new exactly how to respond. "Thank you," rolled off my lips like I meant it. Maybe you can teach an old dog new tricks!

Wishing for you gifts from the heart and the knowledge that you, too, are worthy.
Merry ME


Molly said...

I'm awed that you began something and enlisted others. That is so big. Imagine the ripples that are expanding from the stone you tossed in the pond of life.

And, what's a hogan?

Merry ME said...

A hogan is a traditional home of the Navajo people.

Anonymous said...

There is no other part of the human anatomy that can expand quite like a heart. Love that emanates from a heart is boundless; albeit the idea maker, the hat maker, the blanket maker or the wonderful people who love others so much they give and give and give. It is not a sad cliche' to say "Love makes the world go round." I've shed tears of anguish this holiday season. I've also shed tears of joy, just to hear a deserving heart/soul/person say "Thank You." Really; THANK YOU!

Fire Byrd said...

Ok if you think about it, when someone pays you a complement they are not doing cause your hair/dress/ cookies are good. They are actually doing it cause they like and admire YOU and want you to know psychologically that THEY are allright people too. So when you dismiss a compliment as in 'Oh this old thing' etc then you are actually rejecting the person and their overtures of friendship. Once you know that you'll never take a compliment for granted again will YOU my friend.

terri st. cloud said...

big huge smile here!
big huge smile....

even your dad pulled thru!

i think you just plain rock.

i'm sitting here smiling, picturing you reading that whispering
'thank you.'
cause you can now!

Gigi Ann said...

Thank you for the surprise visit to my blog today. I always enjoy others comment. This is a cute little blog you have here. Enjoyed looking it over.