Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Spoke Too Soon???

I'm sad to report that the computer gremlins are still at work. They are not only wreaking havoc with my computer but slowly driving me to the point of despair, if not madness. Perhaps both.

I've tried telling myself in the light of REAL world problems having or not having a computer that works is not even on the horizon. That said, I'm sad, mad, frustrated, weepy and generally not nice to be around.

I don't know what I'll do, but I think I'll close this little baby up and forget about it for awhile.

I hope that doesn't mean I'll be completely out of communication or not. There is always snail mail - a rather delightful alternative I must say. As for blogging, journaling and/or ranting, I guess I'll get myself a new retractable sharpie and a composition book and pretend I'm Laura Ingalls Wilder (except for the Sharpie, of course).

Sweetie has been re-visiting the Law of Attraction, et al. I wonder what sin I committed in another lifetime to attract this malaise. I know I'm way too full of drama - even for me to listen to, so I'll say au revoir, til we meet again, and good night.

Wishing for you machines that work, joy in the little things and good karma,
Merry ME


Molly said...

i would send you a snail mail note, if i had your address. but i believe you will prevail and be back online soon :)

Fire Byrd said...

OOOhh before you go send me your address and I'll send you a postcard or two. They will be of America but hey they're communication right with a UK stamp!

Loving Annie said...

Dear Merry Me,
Oh nooooooo ! Computers are like plants - sometimes no matter how beautifully they boom and are properly weeded and fertilized, their lifespan is over. And you need to get a new one :)

Thank you ever so much and hugely for the wonderful note you sent me, and the pig of happiness book.
Much appreciated :)

I will keep your link, and hope you come back !

swallowtail said...

I must say, Dear One, I have seen/heard this lament all over the place in the past few weeks. I may have been heard to say it myself a few dozen times. Know that we are here, commenting or no, and that we love to hear of your adventures.

As for computers, they are replacable for less than an arm and a leg. They are essential for writers. And, this is the big one... you are not your computer! You are smarter, wiser, and just not some robotic computed thing. Seriously.

This is winter. We go inside. It is "normal" and not to be critisized. It is a loving thing to do for one's self.