Friday, July 30, 2010

Crows! Crows! and more Crows!

Yesterday Pam posted a blog about crows.
Today Dani followed up on Pam's lead and wrote some more about the black birds.
Not one to be left out, I want to add another crow story. I could write it myself and embellish it, but I think I'll just copy and paste what my daughter, Weneki, has to say about the birds that have taken up residence in her life.

"Zub had a native American raven tattooed on his shoulder blade. [Zubin got this tattoo before tattoos were common place, but after his future mother-in-law got hers.] And I got my first crow visit two days after Zub died. I couldn't help but think that it was a visit from Zub. It opened my eyes to all the birds, and then to the trees, and then to the nature all around me. I never was able to take everything in before, but that lil' crow visit opened my eyes and was my ticket into nature. Sounds dorky, I'm sure. I think it was a gift from Zub."

It really doesn't sound dorky to me at all. I was there when those first birds appeared. I have no doubt that the birds were messengers from the place where Zubin now resides.

When I was in Seattle last September to cheer Weneki on in her triathlon, she reprimanded me for feeding the crows because when they sit on her balcony railing, their bird bottoms hang over the neighbor's patio. I guess you can figure that they aren't always pleased with crow poop dirtying up their otherwise nicely appointed patio. So, being the obedient mother that I am, I only put peanuts out when Weneki wasn't looking. I think it's kind of funny that they continue to come visit which really means a certain someone has quit following her own rules.

Weneki has a big ol' test she's been studying for for quite awhile. Look who came to cheer her on.

"My computer is right next to my balcony door and these lil' guys are relentless in their cawing. Can't help but chuckle -- I just want to take a practice exam, but these lil' butts are manning this post three feet from me and letting their presence be known. They are quite hard to ignore...."

I have to agree with Qn Dani that these noisy fellows are probably there to say to Wendy, don't worry, "it's all going to be alright. "

Love, Peace, Light,
Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...
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Fire Byrd said...

currently on my front lawn is a dead crow! not sure how it's been killed whether a cat or falling off the roof!

Pamela Jones said...

I have no doubt that the crows are bringing your daughter messages from the other side.

And I'll bet she IS breaking her own rules...just saying...