Friday, April 22, 2011

Skater's Waltz

[In My Dreams!]

Is it just me, or does this happen to anyone else? Let's say you're driving down the road and the Skater's Waltz comes on the radio, are you instantly transported to another time and place? Do you imagine that you are on a frozen pond, dressed in a blue wool coat trimmed in fur with a matching hat and muff, and white skates laced up tight so you can swoosh from one side of the lake to the other doing spins and axels without your ankles giving way? Do you channel your inner Sonja Henie or Kristi Yamaguci?

I swear I've only ever been ice skating once or twice in my life, and that was more than 50 years ago. I can say with all honesty that while I remember standing up and moving on the ice, it was not graceful and I only went in one direction, around a circle, near the edge of the rink. It's weird, don't you think, that reality seems to have no say when I hear music that conjures up a wintry scene and a talent I've never possessed except in my dreams? In my imagination I am one darn good skater.

I've gotten hooked on satellite radio. There are hundreds of channels to fit my every mood. Feeling sad? I put on Spa music to soothe me. Feeling nostalgic? I play some tunes from a bygone era. Feeling countryish? I've got my choice from old time Opry to modern, guitar banging Garth Brooks. Need some prayer time? I head straight for the religious music. Lately The "POPs" station is my #1 pick.

So there I was running errands, listening to some orchestra music that I like but have no idea who composed when the song began. I don't think my driving was affected because I did not swerve from lane to lane as if my car was a pair of skates. But I was transported to place where waltzes ruled. Regardless that I was driving in Jacksonville on a 2011 Spring day with record high temperatures so there was no ice or people around to wave to as I skated past, the music enchanted me. Music has a way of doing that doesn't it?

I promised Oprah I wouldn't text and drive. I promised MADD I wouldn't drink and drive. I've never made the promise not to skate and drive. Perhaps I should.

What kind of music moves you? And where does it take you?
Merry ME

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