Thursday, May 5, 2011

May 6, 2011 National Bubble Day

"When Life Gives you Soap,
Make Bubbles."
The Bubble Fairy

Several years ago, as editor of her school's yearbook, my daughter, Weneki, spent a week away from home studying the ins and outs of great yearbook making. I'm sure she learned a lot of things that served her well that year. The thing I remember most, however, is the advice she came home with. Blow bubbles, they told her, when deadlines roll around and the work isn't done, or the stress of Calculus's finals coincides with copy editing. There is something so very soothing about blowing iridescent bubbles from a 4 inch plastic stick. I wonder if it's the bubbles themselves or the place and time they magically transport bone weary adults to. That place of childhood where cares float away on bubbly air and where, with sticky, soapy fingers the world's only challenge is catching a freshly made bubble without it popping.

Perhaps I don't do it as often as I should, but bubble blowing is still a favorite past time. I'm not much into giant plastic bubbles. Instead of one big bubble, I prefer to dip a well-made wand into a good sudsy solution then like the sun in the center of the universe spin in circles to release hundreds of glistening bubbles. Some burst before even leaving the wand. Some drop to the ground with no lift at all. Still others ride away on a current of air as if on the back of an unseen unicorn.

"A bubble is a vessel of love, a way to bridge the gap between people."

My friend Pam wrote a blog recently about blowing bubbles with her granddaughters. It put me in the mood to find bubble wands with a little more pizzazz than the standard plastic. That led me on a treasure hunt that landed me at the doorstep of the Bubble Fairy, aka Viscosity Fermentia Stumblebell. Scoff if you will, but I believe in magic and I believe in fairies. Check out her website and see if you don't succumb to the desire to kick of your shoes, and run in the grass with a trail of bubbles flying behind you like bees chasing Pooh.

When life gives you soap, advises the BF, make bubbles. Is there any greater advice one can receive in life? Well maybe, don't put your soapy fingers in your mouth, but that might just be one of the lessons you have to learn by doing.

According to the BF, tomorrow, May 6th is National Bubble Day. I don't know about you, but I had no idea there was a holiday of this magnitude. And if you Google Bubble, you'll find there are also days set aside for Bubble Baths and Bubble Wrap - two delightful things also on my list of pleasures.

The BF says that National Bubble Day happens to fall on her mother's 86th birthday. Again, I doubt there is much coincidence in that. I also feel it is good that it comes on the heels of Cinco de Maya when at the strike of happy hour, even those who have never stepped foot across the Rio Grande begin speaking with a really bad Spanish accent, calling for una mas Cervesa, singing about their relationship with Jose Cuervo, and eating way more Guacamole and chips than a body is meant to hold. What better way to ease the pain of too much celebracion than getting some fresh air and blowing bubbles? I think the BF might just be on to something.

I'm beginning to grow concerned about the nagging questions I have about my future. Motherhood? Been there done that.
Caregiver? Not sure I'm up to the challenge right now.
Writer? Hahahahahahah! I'd better find a day job or learn to live without food.
Butcher? Baker? Candlestickmaker? Not really qualified.
Bubble Fairy? You know it has a nice ring to it. How much education or experience can it take to go around blowing bubbles and making people smile? While I'm waiting for my wings to grow in, I can dust off the wings I found on the expressway a few years ago. Like me, they are a little worse for wear, but still have some magic left in them.

Last week when I read Pam's story about bubbles I didn't even know there was such a thing as a bubble fairy. Now I think I want to hitch up my wings, pack up some bubble solution and hit the high road to adventure. Sweetie has been having visions of motorhomes in his sleep for years. I bet he'd join me if I didn't make him wear a tutu and pointy toed shoes. We could paint our carriage in neon colors and plaster it with "Make Bubbles, Not War" placards. Maybe we could even hook up a bubble wand to the wagging end of Suzi's tail and like the pied piper we'd a trail of children following her bubbles wherever we went. I'm liking this idea and thanking the fairies for steering me in this direction.

If you are celebrating today, may all your salsa be mild.
And if you're celebrating tomorrow, may your troubles be few and your bubbles be many.

Merry ME

P.S. I encourage you to visit the BF's website:
Tell her Merry ME sent you. And if you live in California or near the Renaissance Faire circuit look her her in person.


Marilyn said...

Mary, I think you'd make a good bubble fairie. Couldn't you ride around in a motor home and still be a bubble fairie? I wouldn't want you to give up your writing though, so you could be a bubble fairie writer who rides around in a motor home. Sounds great to me.

Pamela Jones said...

Hey, Mar...
I'm hoping my Mother's Day weekend will include a visit from my little bubbly girls. If it does, we will DEFINITELY be breaking out the bubble wands! Thanks again for bubbling up in my mailbox!


Anonymous said...

What about the learning to bake all those delicious Panera Breads? The only problem with that picture for me is that I wouldn't be there with you learning and kneading and popping those yeast bubbles. Your life will evolve as it needs to - try not to stress - these are hard emotional times. ld