Monday, May 9, 2011

A Day Late

Note from ME: As you might be able to tell, I started this yesterday but never finished. Perhaps that will be the story of my life.

Mama & ME

Mother's Day was overshadowed this year by the fact that it fell on the eve of what would have been my father's 94th birthday. I've been pretty busy missing him, feeling sorry for myself, and wondering how I'll get through a day that if he were here he'd be saying he's old and what's the point in celebrating but waiting with barely disguised anticipation for a stack of presents and a German Chocolate cake covered in candles. Imagine, that, me feeling sorry for myself.

No mother to honor. No father for the Birthday Fairy to harass. Boohoo.

But wait. I'm a mother. Shouldn't I honor ME? And what about my sisters who all have children and some have grandchildren? Grandmother's are mothers who deserve a double dose of honoring. And what about all those other mothers out there? Tall ones, short ones, happy ones, sad ones, young ones and old ones. If babies are God's way of saying the world should go on, Mother's are the perfect people to do the job. I'm pretty sure God knew that when he was putting things together but I gotta say, (S)He rocked this one! So, even though my mother is no longer here in person to honor, that doesn't stop me from giving a big shout out to all you mothers out there.

A couple in particular:
Linda: Halfway through the church service today when I should have been paying attention to the preacher I realized that my sister Linda is now the matriarch of our family. Personally I don't think there is anyone better for the job. Linda is a great mother, perfect grandmother, auntie beyond compare and a terrific sister. She never forgets a birthday, cheers on one and all no matter the event, rescues dogs, communes with cats, and makes quilts. She is brave and kind and generous. She has never ever let me down which I wish I could say is true in reverse. She is the keeper of our families photographs, genealogy, stories and recipes. She is the big sister every girl should have. Thanks, Linda, for all you do to lift me up and make me smile.

Molly Jo: If you've ever been a mother you know just how hard the job can be. There's no way of knowing before hand what motherhood is going to throw at you. When you bring your new baby(s) home from the hospital and the night time hours drag on and you can't sleep even though your eyelids can barely stay open, you begin to wonder how you got yourself into this mess and pray that there is a way out. Multiply that by 3 and you might find yourself in MJ's shoes. One thing I know for sure is that those babies are going to grow up way faster than she notices and just when she thinks she can't take changing one more diaper, her little ones are going to be teenagers wanting to borrow the car keys and pierce their respective eyebrows. It's hard, real hard, when you're in the trenches to remember to stop to inhale the smell of Johnson's baby lotion and think this is what life is all about. MJ, in between moments of frenzy, bouts of despair, and fits of laughter, I wish you moments the perfect peace that comes from knowing you are blessed.

Leila: Raising babies is a cakewalk compared to wild roller coaster ride of living with a teenager. You don't know when to wrap your teen in bubble wrap and let her out the door into the world or when to throw her to the ground, wrap rope around her feet and sit on her like you've just lasso-ed a calf. Leila has been thrown some real curve balls in the last five months. I feel sure she's cried more tears than she thought she had in her. But I think when she looks back at this time, she's going to be able to see the diamond in the rough. Her first born, that precious baby girl, who might look now like Linda Blair in the Exorcist spitting out green vomit as her head spins around, is still in there. It might take the strength of Wonder Woman, the negotiating power of Madeline Albright, the compassion of Mtr. Theresa, the hope of Anne Frank and the wisdom of Sandra Day O'Connor, but I think Leila is all that and more. We're all holding our collective breaths praying for the moment your granddaughter pukes and poos on her mom and she looks at you with love in her eyes and says, "Now I get it!"
Aunt Letty: The next best thing to having my mother here on earth with me. I love knowing she's at the other end of my computer, a silent witness to all I strive to be. Love you Lett.

Happy Mother's Day, one and all,
Merry ME

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