Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tears of Joy

"One of the most powerful handclasps is
that of a new grand baby around the finger of a grandfather."
Joy Hargrove

I don't know whether to laugh or cry. It seems like my emotions have turned upside down. Ever since I got the news yesterday that Gracie had been born, I've smiled like crazy on the inside and cried like a girl on the outside. I've tried to figure if it's an inner child issue, hormones, or the tears that come after finding out what you've been anxious about for months turned out okay.

The baby was born quickly and safely. Her mom is a natural at giving birth. Her Grandpa arrived safely in Virginia after a 9 hour drive through the remnants of Hurricane Lee. What is there to cry about? Who knows? But I've been crying anyway.

Grandpa Johnny called earlier to say he'd been given baby duty tonight which means he'll try to sleep in between bells ringing, nurses turning on the lights, and "Squirt" (as he affectionately calls her) announcing she's hungry, all the while trying to balance on one of those blow-up beds. I'm guessing this might be the night that the excitement and adrenaline wear off and Momma Ashley falls into a deep, coma-like sleep. She'll learn soon enough, but for this one night, GJ is on duty.

There's something that happens when your child becomes a parent. It feels sort of surreal. You look at this man and try to figure out how the one who would rather throw soap into the toilet than tinkle in it has somehow become old enough and willing enough to change diapers. He survived chicken pox, flying over bike handlebars, middle school, sneaking across the Mexican border (I still think this is a made up story), driving like a maniac and climbing extension ladders but trembles a little as he holds his newborn daughter in his arms and knows he'd slay dragons to keep her safe.

And then, as if in the blink of an eye, another generation begins. The little boy you rocked to sleep, the father who rocked his daughter to sleep, now holds his granddaughter and sleeps to the sound of an angel lullaby. It's enough to make Great Grammy cry with pride and joy and wonder.

[The picture that started this whole post. Do I laugh or cry? The blanket that you see is the "wubby" Grandpa Johnny has slept with for over 30 years. My mom made it for him when he was just a little kid. It goes everywhere with him. EVERYWHERE! The only person he's ever shared it with is his daughter. And now it's wrapped around Gracie. When I look at this picture I can almost picture Great Great Grammy holding her. Dang! Here come the tears again!]

Today I continue to be grateful for the love that is Baby Gracie. I'm grateful for nice people cause this world would be pretty stinky without them. I'm grateful that the price of gas has gone down enough to be able to fill my tank for ONLY $50.00.

Wishing for you Kleenex in your pocket so no matter if you are happy or sad, if you feel like crying you're prepared,
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

This post and pictures make me cry with joy...ld

Fire Byrd said...

What amazing continuity through so many generations in a blankie... Just wonderful.

PS to fill my car with petrol, a tank for 8 gallons costs $80. And our petrol just keeps going up and up. We get charged in litres not gallons so that we think it's not so bad!A litre currently is £1.33

Anonymous said...

This made me CRY!!!!!!