Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Look Who's Engaged

There are all kinds of special times in the lives of moms and daughters. Weneki and I have celebrated birthdays, graduations, new babies (in the family), and weddings. We've also shared some sad times that made our hearts feel like Swiss cheese. Tonight, I'm thrilled to announce that my brown-eyed baby girl got engaged last week while in Texas visiting her dad.

Weneki isn't a traditional girl by any means. Her wedding will be low key without a lot of the fuss her mother might like. If there is one thing I cannot picture, even with my vivid imagination, it is my converse tennis show-wearing daughter getting all dolled up in satin and lace. I asked if she'd consider joining me in Atlanta for a "Say Yes to the Dress" mother/daughter moment but she declined. No real surprise there! I guess when her baby girl has entered  middle age, a mom just has to sit back and let things go her way.  Not to mention that I'm 3000 freakin' miles away from the planning committee. Perhaps things like this are the reason the Internet was created.

Insert cute photo of the engage couple
which for some inexplicable reason
Blogger will not upload from Iphoto
even though I can clearly see it sitting 
there mocking me. 

Anyway, I'd just like to say a big WOOHOO! to Weneki and her future husband. May love surround you like tulips in springtime.

Wishing for you happy surprises,
Merry ME


Sorrow said...


AkasaWolfSong said...

Whoooo Hoooo is right Sorrow! :)

Congratulations Weneki and Mary, Mother of the Bride to Be!!!! :)

Molly said...

Woot! Best wishes!

Anti Jen said...

Just beginning to pull my nose out of the books and catch up on the real world. Such exciting news!