Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Later that same day - Good Night Chats

Part of Caroline's nap routine includes down time. Ten or 15 minutes before she goes to bed I start getting her used to the idea of going to sleep. I hold her close and read a story or two, then hum a few verses of "Hush Little Baby ..."One of the books I read is Goodnight Moon.

The hum of the ceiling fan is like a hypnotist's voice. "You are getting very sleepy." I notice that the house has a kind of "down time" of it's own. The lights have been turned off. The wood creaks a little. Everyone is tucked in. I feel like saying good night.

Good night Chats.
Good night mooses.
Good night rocking chairs.
Good night hot tub.
Good night smart phone.
Good night trees.
Good night mountains.
Good night stars.
Good night moon.
Good night computer.

May angels watch over you as you sleep,
Merry ME

P.S. Good night Sweetie. I love you more than all the wood and moose stuff in this cabin.

P.S.S. It's just started raining. Rain pouring down. What a glorious sound when I'm tucked in all comfy and snug.


Jody said...

That sounds like a wonderful bedtime ritual.
And going to sleep all warm and cozy, listening to the rain on the roof, is a wonderful sound!

MamaJoe said...

Oh my this whole post made me smile! I love that your first day there had your mind whirling with lovely creativeness and that you shared it swell!