Saturday, August 15, 2015

6:30 AM

Clang goes the cat dish. Mary throws off covers and fills the dish. She is just back in bed and a cat starts to vomit a sound we are familiar with, great. Now we are both up in bed looking for the cat. No Cat. "Is it Buddy" Mary asks? I'm out of bed and the end cover is lifted off the crate and sure enough, vomit on the pillow and cage end. I open the door and urge Buddy to come out. He sits there and yawns big at me. "Come out of there," I said in what I am sure was a very pleasant voice at 6:30 AM. Another yawn. Jack in door way, dog in crate. A stand off. Not really, Buddy has now reclined.

Mary exits bed, in the wheel chair comes around to Buddy's crate. All sweetness and light she says "Buddy, kiss kiss kiss."  Buddy rolls his eyes and looks at both of us as if we are crazy. At 6:50 AM
Mary and I look at each other, helpless in this stand off. OK, I reach in and tug on Buddy's collar. He does not resist and we are not headed down the hall to go outside. No hesitation on his part. Buddy is
very cooperative, he poop's and pees and we are back in the kitchen in short order.

At 7:05 AM  We are back in the kitchen, all three of us. Buddy is teased with fresh water and kibble, we sit and watch him - sit there. I put 3 or 4 kibble's on the floor. Buddy eats them and sits there. Mary looks at me, shrugs, turns her chair and heads out the door. Going back to bed. Buddy is in the same spot. Then he is up drinking a little, On to his bowl and soon the kibble is gone. At 7:20 AM we are in the office. Buddy plays with plastic water bottle, Jack drinks coffee.

We are out again, we are in again, Buddy plays some more, then stops. He snuggles up under the computer stand and is now fast asleep; it's 7:55 AM. Good Day! The rest of the story later.

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