Monday, January 11, 2016


“The act of speaking our intentions aloud shifts them from wishful thinking into action.” 

Eleven days into the new year, Wendy and I continue with our daily practice of online connection.
Using the book Q&A a day - 365 questions * 5 years *1825 answers, we have answered a question a day. So far so good.

I realized yesterday the practice is not only informative, a good way to get to know another person on a deeper level, it is helping me live with intention. I usually read the question the night before or morning of the day it's asked. So I go through my day with the question in mind.

Yesterday we were asked to write down something that inspired us. I woke up with eyes looking for and heart expecting inspiration.  My first inspiration came from the Cracker Barrel waitress who served us coffee and tea.  A small girl held a big tray with one hand. She managed to put two full glasses of ice water, one tea pot of hot water and two mugs on the table, then pour piping hot coffee into Sweetie's mug without spilling a drop. I can't figure out how she did it. I don't normally pay attention to the gymnastics a waiter must go through to make sure I remain watered and fed and happy. I'm much more aware of when something goes wrong. Shame on me!

On the way home, we played a CD by Jordan Smith, the latest winner of The Voice. OMG. That boy can sing! But everyone knows that. What I didn't expect was the feelings I had in the vicinity of my heart when he sang one of my favorite Christmas songs,  Mary Did You Know? Some songs touch me. Some singers. Man oh man, when the two come together it's pure magic. I don't go to church much anymore, but as we sat in the driveway waiting for the song to finish, I felt as if I was in a cathedral. That's the thing about inspiration, it can take a normal, every day thing and make it holy.

Perhaps because I wanted to be inspired, I was. Or is it possible that the inspiration is always around and I just don't pay attention.  When was the last time you spent seven hours in an Emergency Room? Not as the patient, but the person who sits on the hard chair next to the bed, trying to stay out of the way. Depending on the emergency, things can move pretty slow in an ER. Tests have to be ordered, body fluids have to be collected and sent to the lab. Reports have to be made and sent to the doctor so (s)he can hopefully make a good diagnosis. The person who makes this experience even a little bearable is the nurse. The one who asks questions, hooks up machines, checks vital signs, inserts needles into rolling veins, brings in warm blankets, holds a bedpan, and listens to pain-wracked groans all the while remains calm, steady and friendly. After a 12 hour shift this has got to be hard. Nurses, I think, are unsung heroes. Last night, a nurse named Cindy inspired me with her ability to make a sick, crabby old lady smile.

Throughout the day, I remembered to pause long enough to be inspired.

What about you? What inspired you today?
Merry ME

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