Thursday, January 7, 2016


Let us pause to warm our hands on the fire of life.

I have not posted for every pause, but I'm getting better at recognizing them.

Like this morning while sitting in the dentist's chair, napkin chained around my neck, head laying so far back it was near the dentist's crotch. I hate having someone poking around in my mouth. I'm way overdue for a good cleaning. Once it dawned on me that I had a few minutes of uncomfortable, but restive, not the lest, I relaxed into the chair. I closed my itchy eyes. I breathed.

Like sharing both the silence of the den and watching a movie with Sweetie. 

Like having a phone date with my sister and talking to 2 in the morning (my time). I didn't feel rushed or tired. Time spent with my sister is always sweet.

Like remembering to keep quiet and let my 95 year old friend speak to the doctor instead of butting in and answering his questions.

Like being quiet when my 95 year old friend shared a conversation with a mutual friend. Letting it be about them was not only polite, it was endearing to watch. I couldn't help but notice how tender this man is with old people. It's not just his job (selling medical equipment), it's the way he listens, offers suggestions, laughs, teases, accepts and respects them. 

Like reading instead of being in a rush while waiting for the paperwork to go through on our new/old car. 

Like savoring a cup of my friend Sorrow's hot chocolate with little tiny marshmallows and whipped cream; drinking hot lemon-flavored tea in the new giant mug Sweetie gave me; and discovering I like green tea! Nothing says "pause" like hunkering down on a afternoon with a mug of something warm to drink.

Like listening to Girl Cat purr as she straddles my across on my chest leg, wondering how she can purr so contently when she can't be too comfortable.

Like listening to my cousin tell me about the passing of her aunt who she cared for for several years. Remembering that people need a safe place to share their grief and I don't have to say anything, just listen.

Like noticing every now and then that Sweetie has a harder than usual time remembering a word or idea. The pause gives me enough time to decide whether to jump in and help him recall, and usually enough time for him to recall on his own.

Like taking the last few minutes of the day, after getting myself situated on my pillow and the covers pulled and tucked just right to say "Thank you God, for this day."

Like sitting amid, yet a tiny bit apart, the women in my writing group whom I hold in such high regard and soaking up their combined writer energy. 

Like discovering my new soul mantra talisman from Liz Lamoreau in my pocket and smiling. 

None of these pauses were long or particularly enlightening moments. Yet each one let face me an opportunity to loosen my tight grip of the reins of control.

The weather has turned chilly in Florida. I'm trying not to complain. As far as El Nino weather goes, we've had it pretty easy, so far. Not to cold. No tornadoes. No floods, mudslides or snow. A woman brought me some of her mother-in-law's nightgowns for 4 memory bears. What better time to work on sentimental project than now? 

Wishing for you a few moments to warm your hands on the fire of life,
Merry ME

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AkasaWolfSong said...

I like it when I take a short pause in my morning to come here and read...I never walk away feeling bereft, rather a filling up of spiritual food in one way or another.

I like it when I am grateful for Sister/Friends who touch the heart, make you smile, and cause you to pause in the moments that matter.

In Divine Blessing, Mary!