Friday, January 5, 2007


Last night I awoke from a rather peculiar dream. But that's not really so strange. I think if there was ever a weird dream contest I could probably win it - or at least be a top contender. Take for instance the dream I had a couple of nights ago.

I can't recall the whole thing, but what I do remember, clear as the proverbial bell, is that I had this pink-colored,coral reef-shaped growth between the toes on my right foot. I tried to explain it to Jack and my best description was that it looked like red play dough that had been squeezed through a garlic press. If you've ever done that, then you know you get these stringy, wormy threads that you can turn into hair for your play dough people creations.

If you can, imagine one of these wormy globs resting between my toes. In the world of dream interpretation, I doubt this subject has ever come up. I'd had a rather bland dinner of potato soup, the night before, so I don't think the dream was gastric related. I also don't think even Sigmund Freud could come up with a sexual explanation for this kind of weird dreaming. Sometimes, I just have to believe that the inner workings of my mind is like one of those kid gyms at the Burger King - all sorts of ups and downs and tunnels and nooks and crannies -lots of places for ideas and thoughts and dreams to take root then go sliding down a ladder.

Well my dream last night was less intense and I think I can explain some of it. For some reason I was walking along a path that had dense trees on one side of it and a fence on the other. I had taken a broom to sweep off part of the path, though I'm not sure why I felt it was necessary. Anyway, as I was walking along I noticed a brownish dog/pig looking creature lying on it's side in the woods. Clearly it was "great with child(ren)" and clearly it wanted to be left alone.

Next I spied a snowy owl in the trees. Thinking that was pretty remarkable and wishing I had my new Canon elph camera, I came upon another owl - a mama feeding three baby owls. This sighting spurred me on so I hurried back to wherever it was I came from to look for my camera because it has this cool macro feature and I figured I'd get a terrific shot of the baby owls without having to get so close that the mama owl attacked me.

I have no idea what this dream might tell you about my night time psyche, but I'm pretty sure my dinnertime conversation about German Shepherd puppies prompted at least part of it. And I'm very excited about my new camera and it's range of possibilities, so dreaming about it must just be a manifestation of my desire to find the photo opportunity in ordinary moments. In regards to seeing baby owls being fed, that's clearly an item for the "Things that moved me" list.

As far as my dreams are concerned, I think I have to go along with Ashleigh Brilliant (how great a name is that - Ashleigh Brilliant? I think I might just change my name to Mary Brilliant - what do you think?) who said, "The best reason for having dreams is that in dreams no reasons are necessary."

On that note, my coral-encrusted toes,Canon camera and I are ready to start a new day. Have a great one, and don't forget to look for a miracle(s).


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Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but the image of the "brownish dog/pig looking creature" makes me chuckle. -w