Thursday, January 4, 2007

Second time is the charm?

Last night I sat in this very spot and wrote my first post. I did what journaling experts say to do ... just start writing and see where you go. It was a fairly good piece of prose if I do say so myself. Short to the point, yet profound and witty. But just to check myself, I decided to "preview" this literary accomplishment and within minutes I'd pushed a button that, in the blink of an eye (or touch of a finger, as the case may be) erased everything that had taken me about an hour to write. Needless to say I was a litle peaved.

I pushed every back button I could think of that might produce a screen with my words on its face. All to no avail. I guess when the warning came up that said something like, "hey, you haven't saved anything are you sure you want to do this?" it meant it saved as in, SAVE or you're going to lose everything. Finally, I gave up and went to bed, wondering if I was meant to be a blogger.

I confess when I turned the computer on this morning, I said a little wishful prayer that the God of lost drafts would have found my posting and left it on my screen to await my final edit. Ah, well, que cera cera.

So now, after that introduction, you might be wondering, what in the world I wrote about that was so important. At this point I guess I should make abother confession. I have the memory span of a tsetse fly. When I write, I give it my all, but as soon as the words on out of my head and on the paper they are often gone from my memory as well. I know, however, that my topic was New Year's resolutions and how frought with disappointment they can be. ALthough the idea is a good one - wipe the slate of the old year clean, then write on it the changes you'd like to make in the days ahead. The trouble is once the holidays are over, the ornaments packed away and the tree is discarded out by the curb, life sort of goes back to the old routine.

Change doesn't come easily for me. A list of resolutions, though good intentions, often turns out to be a reminder of things left undone and more failure than success. SO this year I've decided to be proactive about keeping up to date my list of "Things That Move Me."* It's a great way to keep your eyes opened for daily little happinesses and miracles. And at the end of the year, you have this neat list to remind you that all has not been ho-hum and routine. You have something tangible to warm your heart when the winter winds and holiday harriedness sets in. But mostly you have a list of blessings to remind you to be grateful.

Here goes, I'm pushing the save button. Any mistakes may have to be overlooked.


*This idea is not an original one. I give total credit to my daughter Wendy for coming up with the concept and for sharing it. It's one of her holiday tradtions, that I, in a grinchlike fashion but for only good reasons, stole and kept for my own.
Thanks, Wendy.

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Wendell McTravelNerd said...

Thanks for giving me credit, Mamacita, but I too stole the idea (from the web site of a Canadian singer-songwriter, Sarah Harmer). Great minds think alike and know a good thing is worth stealing!

Congrats on your first foray into bloggerdom! Nice work.