Thursday, August 16, 2007

Life goes On

I've been so preoccupied lately that I haven't given much thought to things happening in the world outside of my kitchen. But, don't get me wrong. I'm not a complete hermit. I've heard about the new home run king, the miners trapped inside a mountain, and a heat wave covering most of the country. For reasons I've stated before [see June 26 post], I think inhaling paint fumes is somehow more pleasant than spending time processing the perplexing prose of the press.

I can't explain why but this morning's story of an earthquake in Peru shook [no pun intended]me out of my self-induced stupor. I guess because it is just beyond my ability to comprehend something so horrific. Not that suicide bombings, ethnic cleansing and starvation in Darfur are not horrific. I think, perhaps, I've simply tuned those stories out. La, la! La, la! That's one way for this paint encrusted ostrich to keep her sandy fairy tale world devoid of reality.

But wait! Just when I think the world can't get any worse or bad things are never going to end, a baby is born. Or better yet, two babies are born! Even though babies are born every minute of every day, when it is a baby that extends one's own family by two more hands, two more feet and one more heart, well, that's GOOD news! Babies, I think, are God's way of saying that even though we humans are doing just about everything we can to mess up this world that's been given to us, He (she) believes in us and our ability to one day get it right one day. [Photo R: Liana's feet]

Last month my niece Lauren gave birth to Liana Sky and on August 13, Jack's granddaughter presented him with his first "GREAT" granddaughter, Riley Renee [not that all his grand children aren't great - but you know what I mean]. It's hard to think that the same girls we thought of as babies not so long ago, are having babies themselves. [Photo L: Miss Riley]

I was just 19 when I had my first baby. I thought, at the time, that I knew what having children was all about. As I look back on it, I think all I really knew was how babies are made! [Apparently that was(is) the easy part.] Knowing what I know now, I worry about these young mothers and their daughters. I am concerned about what's in store for them in the days and months and years ahead. I'm pretty sure it won't be easy. At times it won't be fun. But on any given day, [whether she is one week or 36 years old] when that little one puts her hand in mom's, all doubt and worry will be washed away by the power of love.

So to the two newest members of our family, I say welcome and here is my wish for you:

That you will be happy and healthy.
That you will be strong and courageous.
That the colors of the rainbow will brighten your world.
That you will embrace gratitude.
That you will listen to the wind.
That you will hear your own voice; that you will know your own truth.
That you will believe in something greater than yourself.
That you will give back.
That you will laugh often but are not afraid to cry.
That you will dance under the stars.
That you will climb mountains.
That you will share your gifts.
That you will reach for the stars.
That halos of daisychains will encircle your head as fireflies and moonbeams light your way.
That you will not go hungry.
That you will not be cold.
That you will not be alone.
That truth will be your compass; harmony your song; and love your guiding light.
That you will know peace.
And, as you fall asleep each night, I wish
That you will feel God's gentle embrace and hear Him whisper,
"Sleep tight little one, have no fear, for I am with you."
With hugs and smiles and gratitude that the circle of life continues to spin,
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the world, Miss Riley and Liana!! Lovely post, mamacita. Thank you kindly for being such a brave 19-year-old and bringing me into this world. -w

Anti Jen said...

Wow. What a wonderful wish for Riley and Liana. Is it wrong that I am now wishing those things for myself? What a fabulous reminder to live life fully.

I've totally got a hankering to make a daisy chain now.

And I echo Wendy's gratitude for being a brave teenaged mother. My world is infinitely brighter because she's in it.