Saturday, June 23, 2012

Water Baby

Astrologically speaking neither Gracie or her G-Pa were born under a water sign. But don't tell that to G-Pa who has one week to turn his granddaughter into a "water baby."

Yesterday after her mom and grandmother headed off on their annual mission trip to Haiti, I left Gracie alone for about 2 seconds. In that amount of time Little Miss Speed Demon had discovered the cat's water bowl, made a b-line to it, and splashed water on the floor. Damn if she didn't try to suck it up.  I know, it's gross. But not so gross that I couldn't snap a picture of it.

Later, that same afternoon, I dangled Gracie's feet in the pool to help stave off dinner so she could keep on some semblance of a schedule. I know, seems crazy doesn't it? Whoever heard of a staying on a schedule while vacationing in Florida without your mom?  Well before I knew it, Gracie had worked herself off one step, was standing on the second then went for an all out swim with Sweetie.

One of Johnson's (aka G-Pa) claims to fame is being able to predict when and where brewing tropical storms will hit.  He lives by the Weather Channel.  According to him this morning was perhaps our only chance for some beach time because of storms headed in our direction. It's almost a given that when Leila and Ashley head for Haiti some kind of natural disaster will strike.  Johnson says if they got out of Miami this morning, then they're good to go. We haven't heard anything to the contrary so I'm guessing they are already on the Island, working at the orphanage.

As soon as Miss Grace finished her first nap of the day, I dressed her in her surfer girl outfit and we were good to go. All the beach paraphernalia one has to cart through the sand for a couple of hours is kind of crazy - towels, blankets, sunscreen, hats, something to drink, wallet, camera, etc. - add to that a baby and her supply of formula, Gerber fruit and veggies, more sunscreen, more towels, a bottle of water, all stuck in a king-sized bag that could most of the gold in Ft. Knox. But, we made it.

We drove across the Intercoastal into black skies and pouring rain.
Not a good omen for beach going But just as G-Pa predicted, once we hit the ocean, the winds had pushed all the rain clouds to the west. Except for the stinky kelp strewn all over the beach and the rough-ish surf, it was everything we were hoping. Gracie ate her first handful of sand - yuk. Had her feet sucked into the sand by waters going and coming at the same time.  Put her toes into the Atlantic Ocean. Searched, and found, her first shark teeth. I've lived near the ocean for a good part of my life. I have never once found a shark's tooth.  Guess I just needed to have the ace beachcomber with me.

A couple hours later the whole sandy crew made it home. Gracie, completely worn out, made the transition from car seat to crib without waking up.

Seriously, I don't think life could get much better than this. G-Pa and I have to figure a way to keep the baby here for longer than a week, though I'm not sure Suzi Q would care much for that arrangement. She is used to my undivided attention, is not sure about sharing me.  If only I was quicker with my camera. Last night Suzi stepped on one of Gracie's books and it started playing music. She spent about 5 minutes circling it and barking before she managed one more tune. There sure are lots of opportunities for laughing when you have a baby around.

Wishing for you sunshine and surf and someone sweet to share it with.
Merry ME


Molly said...

LOVE THE PHOTOS! the two sets of feet in the surf is the one I like most.

Merry ME said...

We're a family of feet lovers!