Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's Raining, It's Pouring

For awhile this year those in the know weather wise were telling us to conserve water because of the drought we were experiencing, partly due to not having much of a rainy season, and partly because we were low on water reserves from last year.  The good news, at least for the grass and flowers, is that the water table is slowly rising due to all the rain we've had recently. It started with TS Beryl. In the last 72 hours parts of town have had 6-12 inches of rain. And its still coming down.

Not realizing it was going to be so wet, Sweetie and I hopped (okay, we didn't really hop, it was more like just opened the door and sat down) in the car to do some errands a few days ago. By the time we got to the store the clouds had opened up, the rain coming down pretty hard. A car in the parking lot attached to a medium-sized boat made me wonder if the driver knew something we didn't. At a stop stop light we could see water had almost filled a drainage ditch - not much draining going on there. A duck had taken to high ground and appeared to be deciding whether to dash across the street,  dodging cars and rain drops, or jump back into the rising waters. I thought ducks weren't supposed to mind water, but this guy had clearly had enough for the day.  He had a look on his little duck face like he'd heard one too many choruses of "raindrops are falling on my head."

As long as there isn't a lot of booming thunder and clashing lightening, and the electricity stays on, like ducks, I don't mind the rain. Seriously does it get any better than a rainy afternoon nap? Or a hunkering down with a tall glass of cold tea (or, depending on the temperature, a cup of hot tea with lemon) and a good book? Or curling up on the couch to watch a favorite old movie? Or spooning with your Sweetie?

The problem with a lot of rain in my neck of the woods is the oak trees are so old that sometimes they just fall over because the ground is so saturated. Or limbs crack off. Now that I'm a homeowner and the person in charge of knowing what my insurance covers and what it doesn't, I worry about falling trees. I'm guessing that yes, a tree does make a sound when it crashes through your roof, even if there was no one there to watch it, because said watcher was in the middle of an afternoon siesta.

And after the rain stops the 90 degree temperature and standing water make for humidity and skeeter breeding grounds. Ah, the pleasures of living in a swamp!

The pool in the back yard has almost reached the cool deck. I've learned that crystal clear rain water turns a pool cloudy and greenish in color. What's up with that?

It's hard not to feel grateful when it rains.  Grateful for the life sustaining gift of water outside, and grateful for a place where it is warm and dry inside. But when it rains for days on end, it makes think I should learn how to measure in cubits. An ark might be a good thing to have on hand. Or at least a row boat.

Wishing for you rubber boots and umbrellas,
Merry ME

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AkasaWolfSong said...

I've been wondering about you down in the new rain belt, lol.

Happy to hear you aren't washed out to see yet.

Yes, Gratefulness for watering the earth mother is all good and dandy till somebody's eye gets poked from a large stick coming through our living room roof! EGADS! :)

Sorry, I'm feeling a bit looney at the moment, ha ha ha.

Stay safe Mary, You and Your Sweetie and animal babes!!!