Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas 2013

I'm sitting in the quiet mid-day of Christmas. I'm afraid to break the stillness by trying to think of the words to describe what I'm feeling. I'll turn off my computer, and turn on some Christmas music. I will embrace the peaceful quietude.

May you find a moment in your day to do the same.

Merry ME

The house is still quiet. Little bubbles of effervescence in my Coke sound like twinkling lights if they had a sound. I've read a few FB posts. Tears are welling up. Not sure from where. Why does a heart full love and tranquility weep? Because people I barely know who leave sweet messages for others to see. Or pictures of family members who are too far away to share the day with.  A prayer for dark places reminds me there are too many in this world. Yet without the dark, how can we appreciate the light? A green pine arrangement bursting forth from a pair of old ice skates reminds me of a time long ago when Christmas morning was made magical by my parents who aren't here.

I shall wipe the tears away and tend to the roast. We'll have yeast rolls instead of popovers. Doesn't feel right to have a family fave without the people who love them the most.

May tears of radiant joy remind you of all your blessings,

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Mary said...

Merry Christmas to you, dear Merry!