Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jacksonville Ronald McDonald House

There is much to do - stuff that got put off.
The laundry needs to be folded.
Dishes done.
Dog toys put away.
Cards still need to be sent.
But I'm still soaking up the quietude and gratitude.
The cat sitting on my lap purring. I don't want to move.

My writing group is gearing up for our annual service project. We're making dinner for 50+ residents of Ronald McDonald House on Saturday. In Jacksonville, the RMcD House is just a short walk away from the Children's Hospital. Parents, siblings and even children getting outpatient treatment don't have far to go to get to a place that resembles home. No medical personnel, no machines beeping, no stale hospital air or vending machine food. Whoever designed this house, took pains to make it exceedingly comfortable.

I've never been inside the place so I made a dry run this morning. Oh my. It's roomy, well lit, and decorated for Christmas. It's about as relaxing as you can get when you are away from home with a sick child. I expected a motel atmosphere with an industrial kitchen. When I walked it, I immediately felt at home. It's functional, but warm and cozy too. Besides rooms that sleep four, there are computer rooms for adults and children, toy rooms, exercise rooms, laundry facilities, outside play area, and a special quiet, chapel like room.

It must be terribly scary to have a sick child. It's good to know there are places like RMcD House to help calm some of the emotions. I'm sure there is one in your city. Why not check it out, volunteer or make a donation. I think you'll be glad you did. On a personal note, I'm feeling a lot better about all those cheeseburgers and french fries I've eaten over the years. There could probably be a wing named after me.

Feeling like a small part of something big,
Merry ME

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Mary said...

That is a wonderful thing to do, to help with the dinner for tomorrow night.
You are an angel, M:)