Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not In Kansas Anymore. (or Florida, as the case may be.)

Little did I imagine that being a nanny could to lead to perks that didn't involve baby smiles, lullabies, deep belly laughs, laundry basket rides, and snugly bottle feedings.

Sweetie and I have come along on a weekend getaway to Sea Island, GA.


  • Causeway from the mainland - the kind you'd be stuck on if you tried to evacuate in a storm
  • Blue skies and pink sunsets
  • Palm trees, weathered oaks dripping in Spanish moss, nature trails, bike paths, 
  • Gentle rolling waves kissing the beach under a crescent moon, sea oats, and dragon flies
  • Hotel the size of Buckingham palace,  "cottage" the size of Tara
  • A pool that winds around rock outcroppings, 
  • Golf carts to take you where you want to go, uniformed room service attendants, complimentary cheese tray and bottle of wine
  • Patio dining (accompanied by biting sea gnats or carrier flies as Sweetie calls them - the kind that might carry you off if you're not careful), buttermilk coated fried shrimp, Vidalia Onion dip, creamed corn hushpuppies, enough wait staff hanging around that you needn't worry about dropping your napkin, and some of the best iced tea I've ever had (not sure if it's the tea, or being served in a mason jar). 
  • Babies, toddlers, and enough paraphernalia to go with them to outfit a day care center.
  • Mamas advising each other
  • Daddys multi-tasking a) phoned in doctor visits, b)listening to sports on TV c) watching babies d) texting e) eating f) drinking
  • Nanny's quarters - a separate cottage, king sized bed not made for old people with bad backs, 7 pillows on the bed, TV, WiFi, ceiling fans
  • Work: 3 hours of listening for babies to awake while parents dine 
Needless to say, we're a bit out of our element. 

Love is where you find it.
What Santa does on vacation
The shrimp boats are a'comin
A room with a view
A girl could get used to this kind of living.
Merry ME

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Jody said...

Fabulous! Am so glad that being a nanny includes these kind of perks:)

Can you call the front desk and ask them to give you a firmer mattress? Sometimes they can do this easily!