Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22 - Christmas Countdown

Five days behind.
No way to catch up.
I'd like to say it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, but that would be a big fat lie.

I've tried. I've really tried.
It's just not happening.
Or it wasn't happening until this morning when I was making the bed.

I'd turned on the TV which was still set to PBS from last night. Sesame Street was on.  Elmo's Countdown to Christmas, to be exact, but I didn't know that til the end. And I didn't know until now that's been around since 2007. See what you miss when you don't have little kids around the house.
I tuned in late. The Elf in charge of the Christmas counter downer was trying to convince Oscar the Grouch to help with the countdown. I'd like to think I haven't been as grouchy about Christmas as Oscar. There's a chance, however, that given a few more undone tasks I might have to find a garbage can to hang out in.

The counter downer drops, the numbers go flying all over which means there's no way Christmas will come. The Elf is justifiably upset because he was the elf in charge. But Elmo has complete faith that a Christmas miracle will happen. He makes a wish on a star and one by one the numbers are found by all the Sesame Street characters,  and Santa arrives as the last number is counted. It was silly. It was also full of Muppet merriment that made me laugh out loud.

Sweetie came in to see what was making me laugh so hard. He sat down on the bed beside me to watch. For just a few minutes I think our adult personas went away while our inner children, Carolyn and Jackie, watched with childlike delight. In the end Santa sings a song about believing. A jazzy song with a lot of wisdom. The line that stuck with me long after the show was over, the bed made and I circle the mall looking for a parking spot is this.
Christmas day is here, it's a miracle, it's true,
But the biggest miracle is the miracle of you.
You can do most anything, I'm sure you will achieve,
You can make it happen, you've gotta just believe.

I'm taking that thought with me as I crawl into bed.
It will indeed be a Christmas miracle if I wake up in the morning and get things done.
Merry Me

PS. I'm totally off the SSJE list of advent words. It you are keeping up with them, they are Become. Beautify. Heal. Thank. Ask. Relate.

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