Monday, December 8, 2014

December 8

I've been on my feet almost all day. My hands have either been wrist deep in flour and sugar or hot water. I don't know how many dozen cookies I made. I do know it's barely a drop in the bucket compared to what I used to do.

I didn't bake anything last year.  My son blames my daughter's no carb diet. No carbs = no cookies, even at Christmas. Now there's someone with willpower. I'm trying to remember the days when baking all day brought me joy instead of exhaustion. I think there's something missing when only one person is in the kitchen doing the work. Perhaps instead of listening to NPR all afternoon, I should have played 3 Dog Night's version of "Joy to the World."You know, Jeremiah was a bullfrog ….. I think a day full of baking should have some booty shaking in it. Too bad I just thought of it.

Today's SSJE word is "respond."  I feel myself responding to some un-joyful news with my typical ride in on a white horse to save the day approach. The thing is I know in this particular situation I can't do anything more than send out circles of love and believe in miracles. It's one of those things that I have to watch from the sidelines.

But here's what I can do. I can be there when someone needs to talk, or cry, or scream.  I can listen. I can offer hope. I can pray.  These things aren't quite as demonstrative as the white horse, but as I've learned from experience they mean a lot.

So, if there's someone in your life tonight who's sick, or feeling blue, or too tired to move, let alone shake a tail feather, respond by being there.  Turn off your cell phone and listen to the words that person has to say. You don't have to offer advice or try to fix the situation. Saying "I hear you" goes a long way in easing tensions. Of course, a few carbs might help too.

I think I'll pour myself a cup of hot tea and eat an unfrosted sugar cookie. Then I'll light a candle for a dear person who is very sick. Won't you join me in lighting someone else's way?
Merry ME


Debbie said...

Definitely joining you, with a cup of coffee in hand and no cookies.....if they are there, I will eat them.

A candle is lit for family. Older and younger types that can use some help.

Happy Baking to you!

Anonymous said...

Candle is lit, always, some days "please" is a bout all I can muster, I figure the heavens susses it out and knows what I mean. :)
Cookies are this weekend, and Neil Diamond gets cranked loud. It's all part of the irony of a Menorah hanging on a Christmas tree, and Jew singing Christmeas Carols.. You have to get your giggles some where.