Thursday, May 28, 2015

My First Co-Blog

I remember back in the 50's or 60's a song about I'm The One, a native son or something. Mary said I am the 1 in 9 who has ALZ. That's the connection. Gotta go to You Tube and look it up. I think it was a Bobbie Darin Song.
WOW! About a year ago Mary and I went in to talk with my primary Doc. I showed him a list of symptoms for ALZ. and stated I had every one of them. He said they were the same symptoms for sleep apnea. So we got another C-PaP machine and tried it for a couple months YUK! Set that aside and went to a Neurologist who gave me some cognitive tests in his office and thought it was great I answered 30 out of 30 memory questions. Over the next few months I was in and out of Dr's. offices, tested, advised and had to fight with the insurance company over CAT scans PET scans and such. 3 months ago I had a CAT scan of my brain. Two days ago I was told the scan showed my brain had lost mass on both sides, an indicator of ALZ. Another lobe on the back of my brain had shrunk also. This one controls balance and tremors. Explained why I have problems in both areas.
I spent a days worth of time studying ALZ. Sure enough when I got through I couldn't remember much of what I read. HMMM? Another pesky indicator to cope with.
Large monkey wrench in future plans. Looks like moving to Tennessee is off the table. Looks like moving to a smaller house is off the table too. Aren't condo's apartments on steroids with extra fees thrown in? Do I have a say in any of this? Seriously, whatever makes life easier for Mary is fine with me. The only thing non-negotiable is; I WANT A DOG!
So, I am typing this while lying in bed with  the lap top balanced on my tummy. Mary asked if this is a difficult way to type. Not if you can remember how to do it, I said. Signing off for now. I'll be baaaack. jdc


Debbie said...

Here's another vote for the dog!

I think it's very cool that you've done a co-blog.

So sorry to read that your life plans are changing. And sorry that you've received difficult news.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Jack. although we've never spoken and ultimately do not know one another except through Mary, please know that I'm just gobsmacked by your news. I want you to know I am here for you should you just need someone to listen or to rant at. In the meantime run towards Mary and make new memories and quickly write them down in your words...and laugh like crazy Jack, please, there is no time limit on laughter and joy. In Divine Love my Divine Love! xoxoxo

Pamela Jones said...

Hi, Jack,
I realized this morning that I only responded to Mary's email that directed us to your blogs. Many of us are at that age where the car keys vanish (or the name of a "thingy" escapes us) and we wonder...
I always figure that I've never won even a buck on a lottery ticket, so maybe I won't be one of the 1 in 9 either.
I'm sorry you won the ALZ lottery. I can only begin to imagine the thoughts that must swirl through your mind right now. I'm glad you have the love of family to surround you. I'm glad you have friends (some you've never met) who will lift you up in daily prayer. I'm glad you have Mary, who love you like she loves life itself. Enjoy each day, and keep blogging! Gotta exercise that gray matter!

Sending much love from PA. (Where in NY are your kids?)

Pam a.k.a. po

MamaJoe said...

Nicely done for a first co-blog! I look forward to reading your words and praying for you both in the days, weeks, and months to come. Thanks for sharing Jack.