Saturday, May 30, 2015

Panning for Gold

As I said in my last post, it's hard to be grateful when a big pile of poopoo is dumped into your life. While I was waiting at a rather long red light this afternoon, I pondered that idea a little bit. What is poopoo, I asked myself, but fertilizer? And what do you do with fertilizer? You grow things! Sweetie tells the story of the time he bought 2 rabbits for his son. He built a rabbit hutch in the back yard for them. It wasn't long before he noticed that the grass growing under the hutch was thick and green. I believe he contemplated a whole herd of rabbits.  Maybe one day we'll write a book about our Alzheimer's journey. We'll call it The Grass is Always Greener Under the Rabbit Hutch, and hope there's as much humor in it as Erma Bombeck put in her book of a similar title.

The really cool thing is it's already happening. The fertilizer is already making things look better. I told some friends today about Sweetie's diagnosis. Almost immediately my inbox was full of love and light. I could feel it, and I could feel my mood lifting from woe is me to gratitude.  Someone please remind me if/when I forget to pan for the gold of gratitude in the muddy, murky waters that Alzheimer's Disease is sure to churn up.

In just one day:
Mtr. Judy and Fr. Georges added us to their daily prayers.
Ter promised unstoppable support, gold in the darkness and love every step of the way.
Akasa Wolfsong offered up inordinate amounts of prayer and wave after wave of healing energy
Po sent tons of healing light and good energy.
Mel reminded me that we have been courageous and resilient in the past and there's no reason to think we won't be in the future.
Laura sent prayers and hugs.
Sorrow made me laugh.
Wendy, Linda, Jean and JoJo offered to help in whatever capacity is needed.
Katy offered to do research on treatments, specialists, complementary care, etc.
Barb suggested a good read on the subject. (I'm Still Here by John Zeisel)
Wendy sent an article about meditation (
Debbie reminded me how lucky Sweetie and I are to have each other.
Carol gave me a list of questions to ask myself over the coming days. "Just questions," she wrote. "Let them all hang out together. With no demands. Get them out of your head and heart so you'll have some place to put them. The answers you need will come."
Sweetie made a joke about not remembering things and we both laughed.

See what I mean. Bright golden nuggets of friendship and love.
In a mine field of poopoo but feeling blessed.
Merry ME


terri st. cloud said...

i came over to catch up, mar....gotta keep me eye on you both. just so you've been in my heart, on my mind, and throughout my prayers constantly. give the man a hug from me.

AkasaWolfSong said...

Like Ter I'm here to catch up and I'm glad I and Jack have been on my mind since the first day you shared with me. I wasn't kidding when I said I have your back either. Whatever you need from me don't hesitate to ask. So now that I've shared that, I want you to know I love you with a Divine Love Mary and Jack. May the Long time Sun shine upon you, All love surround you. And the pure one within you, guide your way home. May the long time Sun shine upon you, All love surround you. And the pure one within you, guide your way home. May the long time Sun shine upon you, all love surround you. And the pure one within you, guide your way home and bring you peace. (Snatum Kaur) I heard last week while watching a documentary about ALZ...that music can touch any ALZ patient, that it breaks barriers. Perhaps you and Jack could write down all of his favorite songs for those days in the future when speaking comes a different way. I thought that was sooo beautiful to learn as music is the Universal Language. Well, anywho, just a thought but I needed to share that with you. And if you get a chance go over to You Tube and look up Snatum Kaur and listen to her songs...she is sooo peaceful and pure. I love you Lady! May grace ever surround you and tender mercy rest upon your shoulders and Jacks.