Saturday, May 30, 2015


Well now; I am blessed with two sons and two daughters. My youngest (42) lives in Jax. A son and two daughters live in NY State. My oldest is 53, next is 2 years younger and next is 1 year younger. I know if I have the ages wrong, I'll hear about it. I called and spoke to the NY contingents to mixed reviews. Sorry to sad. My youngest and I had lunch. A fete in itself as he has a lot of work to do. Although he and his family live across town we see each other rarely. Our cats and dogs set off allergies in them and the stay on the go. (Cats in the cradle sort of arrangement.) Today we sat and talked at length. Everything for ALZ to grand child to work to whatever. Then we went out for hamburgers. Things I didn't know: the problems he has with his stomach, the different medicines he takes, the adjustment he went through with a new baby, just how level headed he is, and his perception of me. I was both floored and blown away. I had no idea. We parted making a pact to see each other twice a week from now on. To see him and get to know my grand daughter better. All in all, a great day.
The pressure behind my eyes is easing, I don't feel like my eyes are going to leak down over my chest. A fear subsided. I realized too that a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Mary has received a lot of grief lately. "Whats wrong with him?" "Dizzy; OH YEAH." Clearly I have been faking it. At least now I can have on my tomb stone, "I told you I was sick," More important is that Mary get some relief.
Mary thinks she may start writing again. I hope so. she is a talented writer. I will add comments to this blog and maybe re-visit my own. I have a file drawer full of stories, prayers, poetry written years ago I could pull out and post. Enough for a year or as long as I remember to do it.
Be kind to one another. Speak your truth without malice.  You may be 97% water, but always remember you are made of 100% Love. jdc

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AkasaWolfSong said...

And now Jack I have tears leeking on my chest. I'm happy you and your son connected the way that you have...hell, I love it! Please do post your poetry on your blog, along with your stories and things that are important to you. We need to hear your voice Brother! Truly!