Monday, July 13, 2015

Brain Pharts, memory lapses, stumblebum

Words - bless 'em, damn 'em. I know I keep forgetting words when speaking, then closing my eyes I go searching for them in the recesses of memory. what's new is getting my words tangled. tonight I told Mary I was going to go and shower. what came out was intelligible I repeated it, which came out right, but it was too late she asked what did you say before that? I repeated I am going to take a shower and left the kitchen. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

Memories - I've got plenty, but where exactly are the new ones going. There must be an Abyss hidden in the center of my brain where new thought becoming memories are meeting a cruel, untimely death.

Stumbling - My sure foot-ed-ness has abandoned me. A few weeks ago I was stepping out of the shower (wait is there a connection rearing it's ugly head here) and scrapping my foot across the sill landed face down in the bath room. No harm done, but shades of Luther. Did that rascal push me? I'm convinced this house is haunted, One ghost upstairs and two down. Today, while taking Buddy to the yard to pee, crossing the threshold I was suddenly falling. Buddy was in my right hand, draped around my fore arm. My left hand and arm were free to stop the fall. My  hand hit concrete, so did my knee and I saw Buddy, out of the corner of my eye, do a perfect 4 point landing in the grass. He looked a little bewildered but was not hurt. I scraped my knee, was embarrassed even though Buddy was my only witness, and I didn't feel bad until after Mary called to check on me and I didn't tell her what happened. I waited until she got home.

To the hospital she said. To which I replied, "no way." She got a I'll fix you look on her face declaring "I'll call Aaron (my son) and see what he wants you to do." Oh boy, Mr Big Gun. She left the room. I could hear her on the phone (speaker phone that is) as she came down the hall. "Here, you talk to him" as she exited the room. Then Dr. Aaron gave me the third degree about blacking out, feeling odd before it happened and about 30 other questions he learned to ask listening to his mother interrogate patients. I must have passed because when I abruptly changed the subject he didn't object. Then verdict was in. "It's up to you, whatever you want to do."

We've had dinner, set up the crate for Buddy and I said I'm sorry I didn't tell you on the phone, please don't be mad at me. Tersely she said "I'm not angry because you didn't tell me, I'm upset because you fell in the first place."

Knowing she will read this, I better quit while I'm ahead. jdc


I worry.
Merry ME

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Debbie said...

Hi Folks,
I hope the rest of your week is low key and uneventful!! No stumbles and definitely no stumbles.

Take care.