Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What, me worry.....

truth be told I do worry but not excessively. See post below.

Any way. Here's a salute, hat's off and a hearty Thank You To John Ellington.

John is Mary's son who has lived with us for some time. Recently I realized she and John were discussing dogs while both were looking on line at various offerings and pet rescue places. Then I heard a discussion with a breeder in Georgia over some puppies. Next thing I know John is in his truck going to Georgia to see this puppy. The next thing I know is Mary showing me a picture of a puppy in the front seat of John's truck which is returning home. There's a message "jack will melt when he sees this pup." Mary say's "he's a gift from John and will be your service dog."

I was stunned. For about three seconds. WOW Holy S___T is this for real? And My Buddy Boy has been with us for just more than a week. He is ever so much smarter than John said he would be. He sits when told to to get a treat. Other than that though he is a puppy who needs some training.

Mary and I spoke to the trainer at Pet Smart who told us she can give Buddy his basic training up through advanced training and was able to teach him how to pick things up and a few other basic service dogs things. Buddy won't ever get complete service dog training so I will just refer to him as my Semi-Service dog.

If you know John, send him a tweet, or message or e-mail to applaud his generosity. I'm still in awe of what he has done. THANKS AGAIN JOHN.


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Anonymous said...

John, you are the best! And when it comes to dogs and puppies, you are even more than that.
I cannot wait to meet little, soon to be big, Buddy! ld

Merry ME said...

This post makes me smile from my head to my toes.