Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Sweet Life

I had lunch today with my writing buds.
Buds is really not the right word.
I think "lady" friends would be more appropriate.
The first thing I noticed was how bright everyone looked. Summery. Like fresh fruit from the garden. Like a glass of raspberry lemonade. Like a Mason Jar filled with a bouquet of wildflowers. Like an azure blue lake in the late afternoon sun. Like a ladybug on a blade of green grass and strawberries on shortcake.

Sparkly silver jewelry.
Ah, yes, sweet peals of laughter like fairy dust sprinkled amid friendly chatter.
Fruit filled wine.
Lemonade and tea.
Salads galore - all the dressing on the side.
Chilled glasses of water, dripping with condensation.
Muffins to go.

Concerned questions.
New ideas.
Plans for the future.
Possible moves.
Casa Katy.
Squirrels dining on juicy GA. peaches.
Magic Mike 2.
Claire the Clairvoyant.
Camp Broadway.

"Embrace whatever it is that will make the time you have together sweet."
Pretty good advice for everyone, not just Sweetie and me.

I don't think today could have been any sweeter.
What makes your life sweet?
Merry ME

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Debbie said...

It it the simple pleasures. For me, DH, grandsons, sunshine, family time. It's also time to stitch, knit...a creative time.