Monday, December 31, 2007

Things that moved me in 2007

The subject of this post was actually supposed to be an addendum to my Christmas card. It's not a completely unique idea - I stole it from Wendy who stole it from someone else. As we already know I got kind of back logged at Christmas time so the few cards I sent out were lucky to include my signature. There was very little chance that they might include a letter, or a list. My intentions were good. My time management less than stellar.

Looking at the clock I have exactly six hours to get my this posted. Ha! It's dinner time and the boys are getting hungry. If I had to make one change in the new year that would make my life a lot easier it would be the making of dinner every night. Meal preparation is getting very boring. Eating even more so.

But rather than end the year bitching, here's my list:
  • The smell of hay right off the truck (I was in charge of getting the hay for the Nativity scene. )
  • A red-faced goose. (I needed a break from hospital duty and went to talk to the ducks outside the hospital. This particular goose and I had quite a conversation.)
  • The British movie "On a Clear Day"
  • Driving down the road and seeing a whole flock of red-breasted robins having a worm fest on the neighborhood lawns
  • Watching a visiting baby receive ashes on her forehead on Ash Wednesday. (Perhaps I should have been more reverently bowing my head, but I couldn't resist watching this little one.)
  • Little baby toes painted red ... yum!
  • My new kitchen ... oohlala!
  • The "Silly Goose Daisy" video sent by email. (I tried to attach it here but alas, I am serious attachment challenged)
  • Gabrielle at the beach
  • Going on a "Caht" search and finding instead a cockatiel walking across the street. When I stopped to "rescue" it, the friendly bird, walked right up my arm and perched on my shoulder like we were long lost friends. (The happy ending to this story is that the bird had not gone to far from his front door and the cat was sitting in a neighbor's driveway waiting for me to pick him up...wondering, I'm sure, what took me so long!)
  • Driving through McDonalds behind a pirate ship and a whole passle of scary looking but not so scary pirates.
  • Jenni James' blog ... whether it is about her cat's problem with constipation, rescuing sea lions, or making birthday lists, Jenni can seriously write a story and make you think you are in the middle of the action
  • Party preparations with Linda
  • Looking out the window and watching a bird take a bath in the sand, right under birdbath filled with fresh clean water. Go figure!
  • Good friends saying goodbye ... very sad but full of the power of love
  • Watching what could only be a grandmother and her grandson (about age 11) having lunch (a school's out celebration?) at Steak and Shake. They both totally enjoyed the coke floats swimming in a sea of whipped cream.
  • New kitties
  • A lone morning glory poking its purple flowery head through the weeds and ginger plants.
  • Watching a dad and son (kindergarten age?) riding bikes home from the first day of school.
  • Watching from behind as a goose went running down the sidewalk. Who knew a little goose bottom could be so cute?
  • Completing NaBloPoMo
  • Dancing with the Stars ... let's face it, the show is addictive!
  • My sweetie knowing just what to do/say when I had an emotional meltdown
  • The Christmas Pig Ornament miracle at Cracker Barrel.
  • Hispanic Festival of Lessons and Carols, liturgical dancers and children's chorus singing Silent Night ... mmmmmm, too good for words!
There were also ...
Good books:
  • Three Cups of Tea
  • Eat, Pray, Love
  • The Pig of Happiness
Good people:
  • Bella from Peaceful Journey
  • Terri St. Cloud
  • Fr. Roos
  • New babies
  • The lady at the Apothecary Pharmacy
  • A sympathetic veterinarian
  • Fr. Miguel and his "happy band of Christians"
  • Peruvian waitress at Olive Garden who knew how to talk trash with a 90 year old man and get away with it!
  • Men and women serving in the Armed Forces .... thank you
Good shopping:
  • Reddi Arts ... 25 years in business and still going strong.
Good music:
  • Wendy's 2007 Christmas mix ... perhaps her best
Good sayings:
  • "I love the sea" (Gabby Green)
  • "This makes me want to cry." (Dad at Christmas looking at his stocking)
  • "Talk to the hand!" (Ashley Megan to her grandmother!)
Good pictures:
In no particular order here are a few of my faves from this year. There are more that I could include but everytime I upload a photo, every line I've written has to be repositioned which is kind of frustrating since I'm down to 13 minutes to post before the new year begins.

    Linda's first lavender crop

Dad and Ashley blowing out candles on his 90th birthday

Key West sunset

Black Beauty the nurse dog

Wendy, Ashley and Rob

So there you have it - out with the old and in with the new.
I wish for you, in the year ahead, love and joy and beauty and peace enough to go around.
God bless you,
Merry ME
P.S. I just went back to the beginning of my blog to find out when my "blogiversary" is. I read the post for Jan. 4 and was amazed that I ended it with talk of keeping my "List of things that moved me" up to date. How's that for continuity?

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