Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ho! Ho! F#*!#!king Ho!

Well, I made it through NaBloPoMo and the month of November, but I missed the very first day of my advent calendar blog. Yesterday just got completely away from me. What would normally have been a minimal trip to Walmart for groceries turned into a pre-Christmas shopping nightmare.

It didn't help to find out AFTER everything had been passed through the checkout line that the money the credit union told me was available for withdrawal from my checking account was not really available as in, "go ahead and use your debit card." Instead I faced a cart full of food in front of me, a line full of people behind me and a clerk staring at me with a curious look. Luckily my mastercard was handy so I was able to take my purchases home without having to swab the Walmart deck.

There was a Salvation Army man ringing a bell just outside the door. If I told you that I dropped a dollar into his bucket instead of saying what I was thinking would you be proud of me?

I think that is part of the "real" meaning of Christmas don't you? Like turning the aordinary into the extraordinary. Looking for a miracle even when it seems totally impossible that your credit card limit will cover your charges. Smiling at a stranger rather than growling. I've got 23 days to go. I may not get all my thoughts about Christmas and the holidays posted, but keep checking in. It's the time of year when you never know what might happen.

Be blessed.
Merry ME


Anti Jen said...

I was thinking you must be a glutton for punishment to plan your advent theme right on the heels of NaBloPoMo. I immediately thought about joining you and then soon came to my senses... I'm sorry to hear your day off of posting wasn't the most restful, but I am proud you were able to survive Walmart at Christmas. I've been meaning to make it Walmart for more cat food, but after hearing your story I might happily spend an extra 11 cents a can at the grocery store...

Anonymous said...

flipping through the tv channels tonight looking for something to watch I found a documentary about WAL MART. How unassuming they are. How unpretentious. How driven, and they have such a gung ho attitude about the stores. Ole Sam must be smiling somewhere just watching the corporation build and as stated "spend as litle as possile on what ain't important." Sam went to work every morning at 3:30 AM. That early to work, late to go home culture not only exists today, it is a mandate to reach upper level management. Personally, I love WAL MART. Not the stuff, or the stores per se'. It's the drama, fun, and interactions of the people that fascinate me. When I was working in Dahlonega, Ga. as a workkamper the local WAL MART was an evenings entertainment. Everybody passing through the check out lines was a frind to, relative of, or knew somebody the checkers knew. No hurry up there. Hugs and kisses. Pictures and stories, and woe to the person who was actually in a hurry. Folks in Dahlonega can be downright mean at times. Some of us from the ranch would go to WAL MART and sit on the benches to watch the locals passing by. And, we too got into the fray by becomming friends with the check out folks who recognized us after a trip or two. "Hey Jake, come and meet my momma." Too bad no one ever invited me over for a home cooked meal. Oh well. If you have seen the ads on TV for Visa you know that the world runs on those cards and to impede their progress/process is to garner the wrath of the consumer/GODS. Imagine the horror on Mary's face when her visa stamped debit card was rejected. We were very lucky to have a card in the hole for emergencies. No telling what the local's would have done to us if the line had ground to a halt. Mary is among many other things courageous. She maintains her composure, smiles, looks alarmingly innocent and people around her just melt into patience. Saved by the beautiful woman with the emerald green eyes. Whew!