Sunday, December 16, 2007


" Tradition is the illusion of permanence."
Woody Allen

If today is any indication, then perhaps I'm not the Scrooge I was afraid I was turning in to. Let's face it, Christmas time is a stressful time. Some days it's just easier to say Bah Humbug and leave all the decorations in a box, in the closet, up the stairs. The very idea of digging it all out for three weeks of falalalala - ing makes me tired.

Yet I got up this morning, pulled out the ....

... and just like that the words stopped; my mind went blank; I'd not only hit the wall, I'd smacked into it hard enough to knock myself senseless.

I don't know what I was possibly thinking telling the world I was going to post Christmas thoughts every day before Christmas. Even if I had the thoughts, the very idea that I expected to find time to write then post them is laughable.

It's been ten days since I wrote anything. Tonight my mind is mush. My feet are killing me and my fingers less than flexible. I'm on my way to bed.

But first I'd like to assure you that no moss has gathered on this rolling stone.
I've shopped.
I've baked.
I've wrapped.
I've baked.
I've decorated.
I've baked.
And today I took most of it to the post office.

While there is something to be said for tradition, I think this is the year for me to say, "its time for a new tradition." I think I may just have to call the Christmas baking marathon a thing of the past. I discovered it's not as much fun to do it all by myself. And for the money I spent on postage, I could have fed a small third world country.

Also, I'm pretty sure that those stars, bells, and trees that I so carefully cut out and decorated with sprinkles are going to be nothing more than glitzy crumbs by the time they arrive at their destination.

So my friends, I'm going to go out on yet another limb. I have between now and next Christmas to go through all my recipes. The ones stuffed in recipe boxes, cookbooks, and Ziplock bags. After finding them all, I'll organize, retype, and compile the lot of them. I'll print up enough for all my cookie recipients and send paper instead of cookies. It's a brilliant plan!

Anyone want to take bets to see if it really happens?

Signing off and going to bed,
Merry ME


Anonymous said...

I love this idea! Not as tasty as you gingerbread men, but longer lasting. I say go for it. -w

Anonymous said...

WHAT VISION! WHAT A GIFT! CREATING A LASTING MEMORIAL TO THE KITCHEN MAVENS CULINARY (COOKIE) PROWESS. For generations to come there will be Anta's cookie recipe's to enthrall and intrigue. Total up those recipe's; divide by the number of days till next December 20th and start typing. I wouldn't worry about the order, let the receivers figure that out. Gratitude has it's own rewards!