Monday, July 27, 2009

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

"A hospital should also have a recovery room adjoining the cashier's office."
Francis O'Walsh

I've mentioned before I'm not a very political person. I usually work from my heart not my head. Maybe I shouldn't admit this but I don't even know if my political beliefs fall into a Democratic or Republican purview. I am, however, a patriot. I honor our flag and way of life. I believe in our system. I just think our system is a little bit screwed up right now. I leave it to the pundits and politicians to fix it. Is that like asking a fox to guard the hen house?

Up until now most of the country's problems have been something I've heard about on the news but haven't really experienced on a personal level. Recently, however, I've seen how hard it is for people to find a job once they've been laid off. A few I've known have been luckier than others. I've also watched as family members struggle to pay for prescription drugs they need yet can't afford without insurance coverage. And if it weren't for the cost of health insurance I'd be a married woman rather than Sweetie's "significant other." It's kind of sad when life choices come down to a choice between the proverbial rock and hard place.

Unfortunately, the double whammy of mortgage and health care crises hit even closer to home this week. A young couple I know are losing everything they have. Even though they have insurance, the cost of medical treatment over the last few years has eaten away at their financial stability like a termite in a carpenter shop.

I listened to part of the president's recent press conference. Although he is much easier to listen to than his predecessor, I am not sure I can trust much of what he says. I put more stock in actions than I do words. Actions that reap rewards for everyone, not just the privileged few.

President Obama is quoted in last Thursday's Times Union* as saying, " [This isn't about me.]This debate is about the letters I read when I sit in the Oval Office every day .... this debate is not a game for these Americans, and they cannot afford to wait any longer for reform." At least he is right about that; waiting for reform is no longer an option.

I sit here in my own little cocoon and wonder what I can do to help the couple mentioned above. I'm not in a position to offer money or advice. While my prayers may not be falling on deaf ears, I do wish the Great Healer in the sky could work a little faster. After careful consideration, I have decided to do the only thing I know to do - write. I'm going to add my letter to the stack of mail that sits on the president's desk. My ego is just big enough to think that maybe my letter will be the one that turns the tide and pushes the man behind that big desk into a higher gear.

May you be blessed with health and co-pays you can afford,
Merry Me

* The Florida Times Union, Jacksonville, Morris Communications Corp., Thursday July 23, 2009, pg. A-3


Sorrow said...

oh goody, you and i could talk heart politics all day long!
I know all about the insurance blues.
but then I get scared, the goverment runs everything it touches into the ground.
Schools? UGH!
the post office? double ugh!!
I sit and think do i really want them running my health care?
Triple ugh!
I wish there was a way we could just get rid of all the damn health insurance and there money grubbing ways...

Fire Byrd said...

It must be so frightening living inthe US sometimes....
Over here cause I have a thyroid problem and recovering from cancer my drugs are all free, including any extra I may need outside of the ones I have to take.
If I could I would grab all the republicans who are intent on not supporting The President and bring them here to see that although it has problems it has not destroyed society by having a national health service.But then I guess it's fat cat lobbyists that are at work here.