Friday, July 17, 2009

I Couldn't Help Myself

"Orange is the happiest color."
Frank Sinatra

Sun kissed fruits dripping juice down your chin
A field of pumpkins on a brisk October day
Flames of a camp fire, gently licking a puffy marshmallow
Sweet potato pie
Field fresh cantelope on the breakfast table
Orange red and orange yellow Crayola crayons
Salmon swimming upstream
Coral on the ocean floor
Gerber daisies
Macaroni and cheese
Sunflowers dipped in red food coloring
Spaghetti o's
Layers of rock in the Grand Canyon
Tropical flowers on a tropical isle
Kente cloth stripes and waves
Georgia clay
Eastern mud salamanders
Byrd's floral treasures
Key West sunsets
Highway construction safety cones
Tangy, hickory flavored BBQ sauce
Earthy smelling Cyprus mulch
+ +
Orange Nehi
Floppy orange sun hats
Orange streaks across a morning blue sky
Orange fairy wings!!
Here's hoping your day has a little orange in it.
Merry ME

*Photo by Keywest Johnnie


Fire Byrd said...

Well I say your side bar is suddenly very bright!
Glad you could get them there.
BTW don't have an address for the person you asked about.

Sorrow said...

Love it!
can I add orange nehi soda? and floppy orange sun hats? orange streaks across a morning blue sky?
How i adore the color Orange!
orange fairy wings?
oh! I am going to be thinking orange all day!

Merry ME said...

Your wish is my command!

swallowtail said...

after this treat
my world is filled
with orange, and oranges
I haven't even thought
of an orange Nehi for so long;
once my favorite
paired with a hand full
of salty peanuts

thank you, again
Merry ME