Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm dealing with some really heavy stuff. Dad is declining but not dying as fast as he'd like or as gently as I'd like. He has been agitated and mean, repentant and hostile. Not just to me but to my Sweetie, my sister and any representative of Hospice that dares to step into his room.

I would like to be writing about it. Mainly I'm just too tired living it. I'll probably forget the details yet I wonder if I'll ever forget the pain. I've thought of starting a whole new blog to record the events. Two blog feels redundant!

So anyway, I traveled around Blog World today, reading and looking at pictures. I found the picture above over at Bedlam Farm. Jon Katz takes really cool pictures. If you haven't seen them go visit his blog and take a look. I don't know much about donkeys but I love the gentleness that shines in their eyes. I guess there is a big difference between donkey's and jack asses. There is a certain someone for whom I care who is showing his JA side. The good news is that even in the midst of all his assiness, (I made that word up, can you tell?) I have found I am surrounded by a lot of gentleness.

To all you donkeys in my life thank you.

Merry ME


Fire Byrd said...

Donkeys are God's creatures. I say that as someone who doesn't do religion at all. But to me Donkeys are blessed beasts. I'm so lucky there is a field a couple of miles away that has around 10 donkeys in and it is one of my pleasures to stop by and talk to them.
They just seem to know.

Jennifer said...

My friend Emily had a serious injury from a fall from a horse years ago and was looking for a way to deal with not being able to ever ride again - she now raises and shows miniature donkeys - 3 new babies recently born - several due in March. When I'm down - they make me smile. Check out Copper Star Farm ... sweet little beings. I feel for you, having lost people I love and also being a caregiver to Cancer and Alzheimer patienrs....such a long "good-bye". With Love, Jennifer