Tuesday, July 12, 2011


"Green is the prime color of the world
and that from which its loveliness arises."
Pedro de la Barca

Today I walked through the living room at an hour much earlier than usual. I was awake, the dog had eaten so we decided to go for a walk. While passing through the room looking for my shoes my eye caught a rather significant spot at the tip top of the valence that I had just lovingly covered and hung. In an instant my mind went to the dog who has been known to leave spots for me to clean up. Talented as she is, I did not see how she could be blamed for this one.

I drew closer for a better look, my eyes finding it difficult to focus at such an ungodly hour. Lo and behold I was not looking at a spot but a lizard who was trying pretty darn hard to blend in with the green fabric. Upon closer inspection it was actually a tail-less lizard who had undoubtedly already met up with one of the cats. And by all accounts it was a smart, tail-less lizard because he had climbed to a height the feline predators have not yet figured out how to reach.

I did what I do in most unusual circumstances. I grabbed my camera. Then a paper bag in an effort to lure Mr. Lizard in so I could deposit him outside out of harm's way. To my surprise, even tail-less lizards can move pretty darn fast. I missed by a long shot. In my half-asleep state I felt it prudent NOT to go on a lizard chase by standing on a ladder in the vicinity of a plate glass window. Thus Mr. Lizard is safe for the time being. Hopefully Cat 1 and Cat 2 have forgotten about him.

Today I'm grateful outside lizards and other critters that like to munch on mosquitoes. I swear taking the dog for a walk is like putting my whole body inside one of those mosquito-filled boxes on an OFF commercial.

I'm grateful for air conditioning and I'm grateful for anti-itch spray.

Wishing for you a day filled with the loveliness of green - green grass, sea-green water, watermelons on the vine, mint-chocolate chip ice cream, a frosty cold Coke in a green glass bottle and spicy guacamole.

Merry ME

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Cinderella said...

Hi Merry!

You are brave to go take a picture of the lizard instead of screaming! And smart not to try to chase him while you were on the ladder by the plate glass window :)

Lots of good green things you mentioned. Now I'm hungry for some guacamole and an ice cold coca-cola in a bottle!