Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Tree For ME

What is red and brown and yellow and covers one whole wall in my dining room?
Can't guess?
Well take a look.

It's my family tree painted by "Fine" Artist Yvonne Lozano.*
Yvonne arrived at 9am and went right to work on a newly painted, ready to be enhanced wall. With ear buds stuck blocking out the sound of my attempts to recover dining room chairs, and a granola bar for sustenance, she worked non-stop, except when the dogs decided they needed some lovin', until around 4:30pm. It was totally amazing to watch as the tree came to life. I admit to being a little disconcerted when I walked in the room and saw that the whole tree was magenta rather than brown. It was not exactly the color scheme that I had anticipated. But that's why I'm not painting a tree on my wall. Yvonne has a college degree in layering colors, highlighting and shadowing.

Quite frankly I'm pretty happy with the way the tree looks right now. I'm thinking about getting a sleeping bag and sleeping under the branches, or spreading out a checkered tablecloth and having a picnic. But here's the thing. It's not even finished yet.

Still to come are the leaves and some beloved pets. Then I will begin hanging pictures of all my family members. How cool is that?

I've got to say, I've been pretty happy with the way things are coming together in "this old house". But this tree has gone a long way to finally making me feel that I've been able to turn Dad's house into "my" home, by remembering and respecting the past, anticipating a future filled with surprises and embracing the a rather unpredictable present.

What is it The Pointer Sisters say?
"I'm so excited. And I just can't hide it."

Today I'm grateful for artists, and bright colored paints. I'm grateful for the spark of an idea and the fact that I didn't talk myself out of it. I'm grateful for a husband who said, "sure, let's do it," not to mention the fact that he didn't say one bad word about me destroying one staple gun then asking him to buy me another.

Wishing for you a tree that makes you say, "ahhhhhh."
Merry ME

To see more of Yvonne's art go to her website at
P.S. If you are a member of my family who reads this blog I need pictures to hang on the tree!

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Molly said...

Luh. Shush. Ness.

Love it. It's so vibrant...

I think that I shall never see a poem lovely as a that how it goes?

How absolutely wonderful! And I hope you do spread a checked tablecloth and picnic under the tree.